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Deliveroo will close its business in Spain after the “rider” law

Deliveroo has issued an internal statement announcing an ERE for all workers in Spain.

The British delivery platform Deliveroo has just announced to all its workers that will close its business in Spain after the approval of the “rider” law and due to a series of difficulties for the viability of the company in our country.

The company has not yet confirmed its official closure in our country, but it has initiated the necessary procedures to carry it out.

Deliveroo will close in Spain

Deliveroo closes in Spain

Deliveroo has sent an internal statement to all its workers in Spain in which it raises them an ERE that will start trading in the month of September. In this sense, the company has confirmed that a works council will carry out these negotiations to establish the terms and conditions of the compensation and to formalize the details of the dismissal.

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Deliveroo closure is announced just after the entry into force of the “rider” law, a regulation that obliges companies such as Glovo, Uber Eats or Deliveroo itself to hire all your self-employed delivery people.

This cessation of activity will affect both the hundreds of Deliveroo workers in Spain as well as self-employed riders who collaborate with the company.

Glovo and Uber Eats

The two major beneficiaries of the closure of Deliveroo are its two major competitors, Glovo and Uber Eats

Deliveroo explains in its internal communication that maintaining its business in Spain “would require a level of investment very high for potential performance very uncertain“.

There is an important fact that we must take into account to understand this decision to close its business in Spain and that is that Deliveroo operates in 12 markets around the world, but Spain only represents less than 2% of total transactions of the company in the first half of 2021.

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Now we can only wait to attend the official closing of Deliveroo in Spain and to check if some of your most direct competitors they are forced to the same path as the British company.

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