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Daydream compatible with any phone thanks to the Google Chrome 56 beta

It seems that the version new Google Chrome for Android includes support for WebVR, the equivalent of a native application in Daydream.

It wouldn’t have the same power as a native app, of course, but at least it’s a breakthrough. Soon, therefore, we will be able to enjoy web content -, games and any other type of web- prepared for virtual reality in our mobile browser.

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As we warned you yesterday, got Daydream to work on a phone that is not supported -Google Daydrem is only compatible with a few phones-, specifically in the Google Nexus 5X, a phone that of course does not meet the strict characteristics to make this work So powerful.

Google Chrome 56 beta Daydream WebVR

As we say, not the same as a native app, of course. And is that a web application, apart from the fact that today they are powerful, does not have the same control over than a native application, although Google is determined to deny it.

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But this is not all that the version brings Chrome 56, but brings many more things, such as support for the Bluetooth API or an API that allows us to take screenshots and videos to web pages.

Being a , this application cannot be found as it is in the Play Store, but we have to download the APK directly.

As always, what you have to do in these cases is download the APK from the link that we leave below, activate the unknown sources from Settings and install the application through the APK as if it were any other.

APK Mirror | Google Chrome 56 beta