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Create a living Nativity scene only with your mobile: Xmas Mode is the most Christmas website you will find

Some days ago Google launched an application for follow the path of santa claus in your gift giving. Once the red-clad bearded old man has already passed through the homes of the whole world, now a web application helps you create a portal of a living nativity scene using just your mobile phone.

Xmas Mode is a web application created by the Shackleton advertising agency that allows turn mobile phones into figures on the Bethlehem portal. Its operation is simple, you just have to join between two and eleven smartphones and connect them to At that moment each of them you will get a figure of the birth, and that they will be able to interact with each other through the screens.

It is an experience that has never been done before and that combine technology with creativity. By gathering together a number of mobile phones, it will be possible to compose, in an unprecedented way, the characteristic Nativity scene of the Bethlehem portal.

Xmas Mode allows you to create an interactive Nativity scene

The procedure to create a living nativity scene is simple. You must first invite the people next to you, with a maximum of 11 people. Then we just have to wait for everyone to join in place each mobile in its position. In this way each terminal will obtain a figure of the birth, which ** are established at random **.

Xmas Mode is available free of charge through its website and for all mobile phones. The entire Nativity scene is made up of a total of 14 characters, among which are the Three Wise Men, Mary or Saint Joseph. Obviously, it is necessary to have an Internet connection activated in order to access the application.

So that notifications do not interrupt the Bethlehem, the creators of the web application recommend activating the mode of mobile phones. If you run out of battery and you are the creator of the interactive nativity scene, the whole scene will disconnect. On the contrary, if you are a guest, the Bethlehem will continue in operation although you will not be able to access it again.