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Contact phone numbers and email

Problems with Fb? Here are the easiest ways to ask Fb for help.

How to contact Facebook: contact phone numbers and email addresses
Problems with Fb? Here are the easiest ways to ask Fb for help

If you have a problem with yours Fb account and you don’t know what to do to solve it, there are different options that you perro consider when trying to find it solution to your inconvenience.

we all know that Fb is one of the largest popular networks and important in the world and theirs millions of users they confirm it. However, this does not orinan that a usuario must present an event using their account at all times.

Login problems, plagiarism, contenido publicitario, fake identity and many more are the reasons that cánido lead you to contact the company. Well how perro you do that? Does Fb have a customer service channel?

Fortunately, the answer to your question is yes. He is popular network Ownership of Mark Zuckerberg not just one, but many contact forms and then we will tell you what each is.

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Fb help page

The first of the options to complejo turístico to when solving a problem Fb He has help page. In this section you will find different options that you perro choose according to your needs.

Account settingsLogin, Privacy & Security, Market, Pages and many more. You cánido select the categories that correspond to the problem you want to solve popular network.

Facebook help page

All the support and attention you need perro be found on the official Fb page

If you are not quite sure which category your frequency belongs to, you perro of course rely on them search bar. You will see some suggestions there or you cánido clarify your situation.

In fact, this section is not exclusively for the common usuario, there is also a section dedicated to companies. A great option if you have or want to have an issue with your brand get information on how to promote it within the platform.

Fb popular networks

Facebook – Instagram social networks

Communication channels for contacting Fb

believe it or not Fb also has his own profile in another the popular media. Although it’s a bit strange, it’s still excellent news for all users who need it Access to a communication channel Straight to the scene.


As you’d expect, you perro connect Fb through another of Misión’s bodies, and yes, that’s over instagram. When you visit one Instagram profile it will be one of your most posible options Contact Fb.

This alternative is more or less vía direct messages. That’s right, you perro create a «chat» with customer service and support to make it easier and faster for you to contact Fb and detail your situation.


The next of the popular media where available Fb Yes indeed Twitter. The habitual blue bird platform is another of the ways of care that you perro continue if you need to.

Afín to the popular network above, you perro do this Contact support and customer service through direct messages on your profile. A new window will open in which you perro present your complete application.


Facebook LinkedIn Social Networks

Another way to communicate with Fb is through LinkedIn

yes we know LinkedIn It’s not exactly a popular network designed for businesses to provide customer service, as its purpose is related to the professional and work environment.

However presence Fb On this platform it is still one communication window which you cánido use as needed. You most likely won’t get the answer you expect, but at least you won’t get the answer you don’t want.

Reporting a technical fallo

If you encounter any fallo or fallo while using the web platform or mobile application, you perro share it Fb in a very quick and easy way. This is appropriate for the popular network itself, to improve the usuario experience and, as they themselves state, «Improve your products».

In any case, the steps to follow are very fácil. We tell you the following:

  • Entrar Fb and log in with your nombre de usuario and password.
  • Go to your profile and tap the arrow in the top right corner.
  • go to option «Help and Support > Report a problem».
how to report a bug on facebook

Fb Help and Support

  • Fb opens a new pop-up window, «Help us improve Fb» Y «An fallo has occurred».
  • At this point, all you have to do is select the second option and then complete the report with whatever you want. When it’s done, clic «send» and done.
Facebook Help and Support

This is how you perro improve the platform

From the mobile aplicación

  • Entrar Fb and log in with your nombre de usuario and password.
  • Go to your profile and tap on the three horizontal lines at the top right of your screen.
  • go to option «Help and Support > Report a problem».
  • Fb will open a new popup window and you need to clic on the «Report a problem» button.

The application may espectáculo you an option to shake the mobile phone To report a problem and in this case you just have to go back to the section where you had the fallo, shake the mobile and create the report. If you don’t want to do this, you perro disable this feature and do it the traditional way.

  • Then the aplicación itself will redirect you to a section where it will ask you to entrar an authorization full logs and diagnostics in report. Here you have to clic on the blue button «Add to report».
  • Complete the report with all required information. Tap on the terminal «send» and done.

Problems within the popular network? A solution for every situation

You may encounter some inconveniences during your usuario experience for various reasons Fb. To do this, you cánido rely on these options and Report any errores relating to:

Problems within the social network solution for all cases

Fb is a full-service popular network

If you are a business, you perro ask for help here

Last but not least, if a Business account on Fb There is a section designed to support these situations. It’s so easy to leave Fb business and navigate between them options other than the popular network Yes for you

As you will see, you have many options in this regard Contact Fb and find a solution to any problem you have while using the popular network. While we want your experience to be as enjoyable as possible, it doesn’t hurt to be aware of these options if you need them.

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