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Confirmed: there will be voice calls on Telegram

Voice calls, with the advent of free instant messaging, have been almost relegated to the background. At least the voice calls. There are applications that continue to bet on Internet calls, VoIP calls. Without a doubt, the one that will sound the most to you are WhatsApp calls, which seem to find a very powerful rival shortly, since Telegram would add voice calls in the not too distant future.

The good thing about social networks today is that they allow us to contact anyone in the world, and this is what one of the Twitter users has done. He sent him a to Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram and founder of VKontakte —The Russian Facebook—, telling him that he loved the app and that if, at some point, they would add voice calls and theme support.

Pavel Durov's answer, far from being too expressive, was resounding, as you can see in the down. The CEO of Telegram responded with a single “Hey. Thank you. We will do it”. No more. It does not give details about platforms on which these calls can be made or arrival dates, but if Telegram is still on its line, This feature shouldn't take long to reach almost all devices.

Regarding the topics, it seems that version 1.0 of Telegram that was launched nothing ago already has support for them. We will have to wait for Telegram to make an official statement and launch all these functions. Hopefully, if released, do not just stay on mobile and expand to the desktop version, something that the green giant WhatsApp is missing. Hopefully the Russians are not begging and implement calls soon, because if they work just as well as Telegram messaging, WhatsApp should be concerned.