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Competence? How Google would have tried to boycott Samsung with the Galaxy Store

Google will have to deal with justice again in the United States, this time for anti-competitive practices to maintain the hegemony of the Play Store in the distribution of apps.

It seems that Google has a serious problem with the Play Store, and this time we are not talking about malware for a change, but about an accusation that comes from far away, years ago with Aptoide for example, because it seems that the Mountain View giant has allegedly been boycotting other app distributors for a long time to maintain the hegemony of its Google Play store.

In fact, there is already a judicial proceeding opened in no less than 37 of the United States of America, where the practices that regulate the Play Store will be studied and the implications of Google in a boycott that even would affect Samsung with its Galaxy Store more seriously, just as South Koreans and Californians have joined hands to join forces with Wear OS in the industry .

Samsung Galaxy Store has had a more special approach to video games for some time.

The news was anticipated by the companions of The Verge, stating that US prosecutors want to know in particular the application of commissions of up to 30% in transactions within games and applications on Google Play, in a process similar to the one that Apple is already facing with Epic Games for the Fortnite case.

No less than 37 from the United States start a legal crusade against Google to avoid monopolies in the distribution of applications and ensure that Google Play competes on equal terms with Samsung and other distributors … Would Google have boycotted the South Koreans?

This is One UI Watch, the Galaxy Watch 4 software based on Wear OS

Google would be “afraid” of Samsung and would have systematically boycotted the Galaxy Store

Based on the investigations and published documents, it seems that one of the strongest arguments that prosecutors will use will be Google's unmistakable tendency to undermine the growth of its competitors, seeking to create a monopolistic environment for Google Play to maintain its hegemony on mobile platforms.

Not surprisingly, the case of Samsung and its Galaxy Store, to which the leaders of Mountain View would have had certain “fear” by the enormous penetration of Samsung in the market, adopting illegal practices that go against free competition to prevent the Galaxy Store from questioning the privileged position of the Google Play Store on the Android platform.

The prosecution document is very harsh, even stating that “for Google, competition in the distribution of applications is a virus to eliminate”, and specifying practices of doubtful legality that we are now commenting on.

There is even talk that Google would have come to remove the checkbook to pay independent developers and other software giants to keep them out of Galaxy Store, in addition to other agreements with smartphone manufacturers to prevent the possibility of third-party app stores being installed on your devices.

In fact, there is something even worse, because from Mountain View it would have been indemnify Samsung itself to remove the most downloaded applications from its store that were also available on Google Play, so that its users would not use the Galaxy Store.

A tough document from the prosecution, and Google's response that, this time, it has not been long in coming

The truth is that the accusations are extremely serious, as you will see, and that is the document prepared by the prosecution includes pearls like that , maintaining the thesis that the opening of the Android operating system only in certain on the surface while behind the scenes, Google works with its services to consolidate a monopoly position.

From Google they have already responded to the accusations, something logical after having remained on the sidelines in the battle between Epic Games and Apple, stating in this case that it is .

Californians underline that Android _ “does not impose the same restrictions as other mobile operating systems”, and that manufacturers who use their system have the right to pre-install on your devices, exactly like Samsung does, other alternative stores to Google's.

They also confirm that any user on Android can search for an app on Google Play, and if they cannot find it, they will have the possibility of looking for it in alternative stores or in the network itself by downloading the installer, which can be run without problems to have the app on any device directly from the developer.

We will see what all this is, because if it is true that Samsung has charged Google to remove apps from Galaxy Store, it is a little better understood why this store had focused on video games and watches with Tizen more than anything else, now also abandoned by One UI Watch …

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