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CLARC: the best game of blocks and puzzles that you can find in Google Play

Certainly puzzle and block games have played an essential role in the evolution of video games. Today and thanks to mobile platforms, these are becoming fashionable and more and more are improving its capabilities and its offers for the user. This is the case of the game that we bring you today, a great game as some would say, which forces us to think about what the big companies that they don't bring us titles like this more often.

CLARC is a game where your exquisite comic book graphics that remind us of the award-winning Samurai II: Vengeance, its excellent music, humorous scenes and logic puzzles immerse us in a story that we should not miss. As the story unfolds, the little maintenance robot named CLARC will encounter drunken robots, nuclear bombs, and intoxicated supercomputers that they will do the impossible to avoid achieving their purpose. Your mission is to repair the missile and generator factory on a remote planet, rescue your friends, and fight the invading ship.
CLARC robot and puzzle game
The plot of the game tells us that the electricity was cut off somewhere from a base of deep space and our little protagonist is in charge of finding the problem and reconnecting it. It is divided into 25 levels and 100 spatial puzzles that promise us more than 12 hours of continuous gameplay and CLARC's main task in each level will be to go along the power lines and put something in them to make the energy flow continuous and thus find where is the power source that fails.

The game has controls through the buttons on the screen to move, turn around, and interact with objects and other characters. Their Ingenious puzzles and its 80s Arcade music make this game an excellent companion of trips while we go in the subway or the bus on the way to university or home But not everything is going to be good since the free version only has 3 complete levels and to be able to enjoy 100% we will have to purchase the paid version for 3.59 euros.

Google play | CLARC lite (Free)

Google play | CLARC (3.59 euros)