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Chrome will let you open tabs that you accidentally close much faster

Do you accidentally close Chrome tabs very often? The new browser feature is going to save your life.

Next time you close a Chrome tab by accident –And I am afraid that most of you will have happened more frequently than you would like–, the Google browser will have a function ready that will allow open in a faster, almost immediate way the web page that you have closed by mistake.

At least this is suggested by a number of new published in the browser code, which refer to a system of instant recovery of closed tabs, which will sooner or later be available in Google Chrome.

Recently closed tabs will be cached

Google Chrome on various devices.

As we have seen, the published code refers to a function that allows open a recently tab instantly. To do this, when the user accidentally closes a tab, Chrome will save the page content in memory, instead of immediately erasing it to make room for new tabs.

In case the user retrieve the lash within fifteen seconds upon closing, the data will be retrieved from memory, instead of having to reload the entire page content.

Google Chrome already uses a similar technique when it comes to navigate forward or backward on a page, so that when returning to a previous page or returning to a next page on a web, Chrome charges practically instantaneously by storing its content in memory.

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For the moment, this function has not been implemented. Google is working on including it first in the Canary version of the browser through an experimental or “flag” function. Later, it will end up reaching the other versions of the browser.

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