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Chrome Apps, would Google be thinking of bringing them to mobile devices?

We have recently seen how Google seems willing to promote its Chrome OS desktop operating system even on other operating systems like Windows 8. An operating system whose premise is that it is developed with web standards such as HTML or CSS.

Is it an ambitious strategy? Yes, and a lot. And is that all those desktops that can access Chrome could perhaps in A near future have access to all this operating system although, although it is true, its applications, Chrome Apps, are implemented thanks to Google’s own language that is not standard on the web.

Diving into your desktop system that simulates Chrome OS in Windows 8 and your Chrome apps accessible from the Chrome Web Store, I notice something quite curious in some of your applications that work even offline. Examples of this are Google Keep or Wunderlist, applications that we already see on Android and that we could also see on mobile devices with Chrome?

Smartphone format Google Keep Chrome OSGoogle Keep on Chrome OS tablet formatGoogle Keep on Chrome OS desktop

As we see in the images above, the Google Keep application adapts to the size of the window that is being granted, something like what Ubuntu wanted to present with its convergence on all devices. An interface for and also desk.

I could bet this is the Google background strategy, and is that with an operating system and good web-based applications, the Mountain View company could be introduced into a huge number of devices While, with Android, this is not possible, we do not see, for example, Android on Windows 8 or on Mac OS as Google is proposing in the latest Chrome updates.

What about the unification or convergence of the two OS? I think it won’t be long in coming. At the moment, it is the applications that have the responsibility of being the only points in common between one device and another. Who knows if in a few months we will see the arrival of the Chrome Web Store on our Android devices through the Chrome browser itself. At the moment it seems that quality of applications developed with web tools It cannot yet compete with native applications, although it seems that little by little this is less and less true, or even, in some cases, it is no longer valid.

A totally winning strategy In my opinion and that could take Google beyond even the devices that are designed to incorporate their operating system. We will see how the companies of affected by this intrusion such as Apple or Microsoft.