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Chrome 89 is now available to download: all the news

Chrome 89 updates the design of your news feed in Discover, incorporates the share menu in desktop applications, and much more.

After the release of Chrome 88 in mid-January, now is now available for download the new version of Google’s web browser, which comes to version 89.

The American giant announced on its corporate blog this new version of Google Chrome, which incorporates a series of really interesting news for all the users that we will detail below.

Chrome 89 arrives loaded with interesting news

Discover new design

The first of the changes that we can see in Chrome 89 is very visual and we find it in the appearance of our news feed on Discover.

Once we clicked on New tab, until now the articles appeared in cards with a brief description and framed in a rectangle rounded by the corners, but now the title appears a little bigger, the description disappears and the cards no longer have a frame, being separated only by a dividing line.

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This is very practical because it will allow more items appear on the screen at the same time, being able to access the links that interest us most at a glance.

We can now use the Android share menu in desktop applications

One of the most interesting novelties of Chrome 89 is the arrival of the classic sharing menu that we can enjoy on Android to desktop applications and, specifically, this new function It is now available on both Windows and Chrome OS.

This is the share menu in desktop applications

This is the share menu in desktop applications

Now we can share easily a link with the applications that we have installed on our computer, without having to copy and paste the URL from the address bar.

More complete information on the websites

In this new version of Chrome, Google has improved the information that appears to us from the websites by clicking on the icon to the left of the address bar.

Now the pop-up window that appears when clicking on said icon, appears connection security information, the permissions requested by said web page, being able revoke any permission without having to access the Chrome settings menu, and the management of cookies.

Web NFC API is enabled

Google started testing NFC technology in web applications in Google Chrome 81 but in this new version it is already enabled by default in the Android app.

This functionality allows websites read and write NFC tags and is primarily intended for inventory management, conferences, museum exhibitions, and anywhere else this wireless technology is frequently used.

This is the pop-up window that will appear when we use Web NFC

This is the pop-up window that will appear when we use Web NFC

As with other hardware features of our terminal such as microphones or cameras, to use the NFC for this use we must grant you permission from a pop-up window.

New privacy enhancements

In this new version of your web browser, a first version of a tool created to improve our privacy also appears, called Privacy Sandbox, which aims to create a secure environment for personalization that, at the same time, protects our private data.

Google is already testing a “Read Later” feature in Chrome Canary for Android

This new functionality is still in beta, but we can activate it from the Google Chrome flags, of which we already leave you a tutorial with the steps to follow to access them and activate these hidden functions, simply by typing in the address bar : and enabling this option.

Once enabled, we will only have to access the Chrome settings to the option Privacy & Security and within this we find the Privacy sandbox section, which we can enable so that third-party cookies stop appearing and, on the contrary, they leave us relevant ads while keeping our web history hidden in the browser.

Google Chrome 89 availability

This new version of the Google web browser will be coming to our Android terminals over the next few weeks, and we recommend you to review the pending updates in the Google Play Store to update it as soon as possible.

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