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Celebrate Grandparent’s Day with these gifts: mobiles, smart speakers, robot vacuum cleaners …

Every July 26, Grandfather's Day is celebrated in countries like Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal or Panama. If this day has come and you still don't know what to give your family's grandparents, in this article we suggest various technological products and services that you can give away to surprise the older ones.

In the case of Spain, Grandfather's Day is celebrated on July 26 because that day San Joaquín and Santa Ana are also celebrated, parents of the Virgin Mary and, therefore, grandparents of Jesus. The idea left from the NGO Messengers of Peace, which in 1998 proposed that on July 26 of each year the figure of grandparents be celebrated. The proposal was successful, and today we join this particular celebration by recommending some gifts for your grandparents.

This Artfone C1 is one of the best gifts for Grandparent's Day.

Echo Dot

If you don't want your grandparents to feel alone when they are at home, you can give them this Echo Dot, a smart speaker with a personal assistant that will always be there to help them with whatever they need. Alexa can play them music, tell them a joke or a curiosity, answer questions, inform them about the weather or traffic, or set alarms. Of course, they can also use it as a loudspeaker.

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Artfone C1

The Artfone C1 is an ideal mobile phone for the elderly, as it has big keys that facilitate the pulsation when calling, hanging up or configuring its operation. Has a 1,000 mAh battery that allows you to reach up to 360 minutes of conversation and 240 hours of standby time. In addition, it has a SOS button, FM radio, alarm clock and space for 200 numbers in the agenda.

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Makemate BKM200 headphones

These wireless headphones are compatible with 99% of televisions. They are very useful to be able to listen to television aloud without disturbing others, and above all with great audio quality. They have a range of up to 50 meters away from the device and ensure good synchronization between audio and image.

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Subscription to Audible

Audible is the audio content streaming platform created by Amazon. It is a great entertainment service for grandparents, as it has a catalog of more than 200,000 titles such as audiobooks and podcasts. The first three months are free, and then the subscription is priced at 9.99 euros per month.

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If the grandparents of your family like to read, this Kindle is a gift with certainty. The e-book has a 6 inch screen with 167 dpi resolution and dimmable front light. In addition, it has a extensive battery that lasts for weeks reading on a single charge. What's more, with Kindle Unlimited subscription they will have access to thousands of free books.

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Foot massager

Another interesting device to give away for Grandfather's Day is this foot massager, which improves blood circulation in the feet and also relaxes the rest of the body. This massager performs a deep kneading shiatsu massage, pressure massage and hot air that relieves chronic foot pain. In addition, it has a remote control and touch buttons to control its operation.

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Key tracker

You can also gift a Tile Mate key tracker this Grandparent's Day. As its name suggests, it is a device that is paired with keys to see where they are and ring it to get to it quickly. To do this, you have to download the Tile Mate app, available for Android and iOS mobiles.

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Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Finally, another ideal gift for this celebration is this Roomba 692 robot vacuum cleaner, which will clean the house so that grandparents do not have to worry about it. It has Dirt Detect technology that allows you thoroughly clean the dirtiest areas of the house. In addition, you can schedule its operation every day. By the way, if you buy the Echo Dot we talked about at the beginning, you can connect this robot to Alexa to control it with your voice.

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