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Call of Duty Mobile starts its closed beta on Android in some countries

Call of Duty Mobile, which already exceeds 10 million registered users in Google Play Store, is one of the most anticipated games for Android and iOS mobile devices of the year. New work in Activision’s popular shooter series officially announced last march and is currently in early registration. At the moment its official release date is unknown but Call of Duty Mobile has already started its closed beta on Android in some countries.

As they report from GamesRadar, the trial versions of Call of Duty Mobile are already active in some regions, and could soon reach the rest. Activision promised to launch this summer a beta so that users could try the new game of the franchise, although said alpha phase has already reached Android devices in certain countries and unfortunately Spain is not among the chosen.

Call of Duty Mobile is currently running a closed beta in select countries. In addition, the company has confirmed that they are working to improve the gaming experience by continually fixing bugs and adding additional content. The goal of this alpha is none other than collect information to detect possible errors that interfere with the gaming experience.

A new trailer on weapon customization

Taking advantage of the occasion, Call of Duty Mobile has also presented a new trailer focused on weapon customization offered by the game. Among the characteristics of the title, it is known that it will be totally free and that will reach the users of America, Europe and other countries.

In addition, it is the same title that was previously announced for Chinese gamers in August 2018. The game will offer multiplayer modes and will bring together “maps, modes, weapons and characters” from the Call of Duty franchise, including Black Ops and Modern Warfare.

Similarly, the company also confirmed that the title will feature the classic game modes like Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy. and Free-For-All, and with mythical maps, like Nuketown, Crash, and Hijacked. Even players will be able unlock classic characters from the hit franchise, weapons and equipment. For now we have to wait to know when both the beta and the final version of Call of Duty Mobile will arrive on Spanish devices.

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