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Call of Duty: Mobile for Android already has a release date

A few weeks ago Samsung repeated the Fortnite play by releasing one of the games of the year, Call of Duty: Mobile, with a Galaxy Note10 that was aimed at the goal of accessing the from the long-awaited Activision title.

We did not have any details then about the plans of the Californian developer regarding the Call of Duty: Mobile Official LaunchBut we all knew it was very close and the Samsung exclusive wouldn’t last long.

So close, in fact, that the game will be ready for your official landing on Android next October 1, and it is that as the companions of Android Police finally the announcement that everyone expected from Activision and Tencent, which has been the study that has been in charge of developing the game for mobile platforms.

Call of Duty: Mobile (pre-registration) | Google play

The title is already available on Play Store so that everyone who wishes can sign up for pre-registration and get notified as soon as Call of Duty: Mobile is available, and will arrive globally to the whole world except Belgium, Vietnam and Mainland China.

The million dollar question is whether it will be necessary to pay to play it and that reasonable doubt has not been resolved, although we assume that the game will be monetized based on micropayments just as other major titles do on mobile platforms. Hopefully the final decision is to turn it into a title and not one , but that’s too early to discuss.

In any case, it will offer a mixture of everything you can expect from the Call of Duty franchise, with Modern Warfare or Black Ops maps, a classic multiplayer mode and the so fashionable who will surely be the star of Call of Duty: Mobile.

Only 13 days left, so save some nails that in two weeks we have it between us.

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