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Call of Duty: Mobile could be a reality on Nintendo Switch too

With the industry already targeting and Google Stadia as the future of the video game, the truth is that we must recognize that smartphones have revolutionized more if possible one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, such as videogames.

Every time more developers with more titles and more quality take advantage of the enormous hardware power of current smartphones, although if there is a game that everyone looks forward to on Android, that is undoubtedly a Call of Duty: Mobile which already has more than 10 million registered users waiting for the end of the beta and a definitive launch that should not take too long.

We already have all the keys to it, we know when it can be played on Android and even what we have to do to be one of the first to try it on our smartphone; although today’s news is different and it has little to do with Android, no matter how much I will certainly make most of you happy with an unexpected novelty in the mobile title of the famous Activision saga.

Priority to a for Nintendo Switch

Call of Duty: Mobile should arrive on smartphones with iOS and Android at the end of this year, but apparently could not close borders on mobile platforms also coming to Nintendo Switch in a short period of time.

At least that it emerges from an interview offered by developers during E3 2019, one of the most important events for the video game industry, where they commented that for now they are still focused on the smartphone versions although they do not rule out, once the main development for mobile platforms is finished, giving priority to a game port for the Nintendo hybrid console.

As for the game, we already know that it will have a Battle Royale mode in the style of the acclaimed Fortnite and PUBG, also adding not only the typical automatic firing system normally used in smartphones, but also the possibility of play first person as a for PC as we have known them forever.

Call of Duty: Mobile could be a reality on Nintendo Switch

We also know many of the characters and abilities available in the game, and the developers themselves spoke of a communication system via chat to complement the gaming experience.

For now it will be time to keep waiting, but the truth is that Call of Duty: Mobile approaches its promised presentation for this second part of 2019, with much to teach us and now also with the possibility of having it on Nintendo Switch to alleviate the lack of compatibility with Bluetooth gamepads that seems to be its big mole.

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