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Call of Duty: Mobile already generates money despite not having yet had an official launch

If there is a video game saga that moves millions of people throughout the world, it is Call of Duty. Normally thought to be played on desktop consoles and computers, the shooter par excellence comes to mobile phones thanks to Call of Duty: Mobile, a title that without any doubt points to guaranteed success.

Because even though Call of Duty: Mobile has not yet been officially released to all countries, already generates thousands and thousands of dollars to its creators. Could Activison have found the goose that laid the golden eggs? Will it be the new pitch after Pokémon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?

Only the chosen can do it: Call of Duty: Mobile already generates thousands of dollars

Samsung Galaxy Note10 + Call of Duty Mobile

As we can read in Venturebeat, Call of Duty: Mobile despite being available in few countries like Australia and Canada, has already accumulated approximately 530,000 downloads and has already raised $ 100,000 since just July 18.

Despite the fact that the title still does not have an official date for its global launch, the analysts who have been able to test it agree that we are facing a game with outstanding quality for a mobile titleas well as being extremely fun. On the other hand, Coddy Johnson, president of Activision Blizzard, announces that they are really excited about this game.

To understand the importance of the numbers obtained in such a short time by Call of Duty: Mobile, We must compare it with other of the reference titles for Android and iOS platforms, PUBG Mobile, a title so addictive that even its own developers had to create a tool to fight addiction.

As well, Call of Duty: Mobile has attracted half as many players in its first 21 days of life as PUBG Mobile did in its global launch, that is, half a million players in Australia and Canada compared to the million PUBG Mobile players worldwide.