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Best 5 applications to try on augmented reality glasses

With these augmented reality apps you can see how you look with glasses, without having to go to a store.

Every day more use is made of augmented reality on mobiles, It is no longer just about games like Pokemon Go or seeing wild animals in your living room. We talk about more important uses such as, seeing the best place to place a piece of furniture in your house and even knowing how you look with a new haircut.

And in a use similar to that of haircuts we have applications with augmented reality to try on glasses without leaving home. Will it become a new way to shop online?

Top apps to try on augmented reality glasses

It is important to know that in order to use these applications and any other app with augmented reality, a mobile compatible with this technology is required. It is very different to use an application with virtual reality than lets you try on glasses in real time through your camera, to a common application that mounts a sticker on a photo, it is important to understand this, to know how valuable the augmented reality.


This application complies with what it offers, and although it does not have many models to test, you can design your own unique glasses and then share them with the rest of the community, you can also download an image, or send it through the different social networks.

Glasses Camera

app glasses camera

If we compare it with the previous app, this application has many more models of glasses to try, and also, has the option to try different haircuts Both women and men.

Another detail to highlight is that this app has a photo editor that will help us to beautify our photos and thus achieve a better result. It has an editor that allows you to apply different makeup styles.


eyeglasses app

The app for everyone, since in it you can find eyeglass models for men, women and children, with a collection that features models from well-known brands, as well as some fun frames for a laugh.

Objects and animals to see in 3D with Google's augmented reality


Glassify app

The application works quite well, as you can move the glasses closer or further, or move them to achieve the perfect result. It has a wide variety of reading glasses and sunglasses divided into categories, so you can try the one you like the most.

Binocle Eyewear

Binocle Eyewear app

Unlike the rest of applications, Binocle is a French glasses brand that has developed its own application, so that its customers can try on all their frames and thus know before buying them if they really like how they look. Even if you are not going to buy glasses from this brand, the application can be very helpful, since they have a wide variety of models available.

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