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ARK: Survival Evolved for Android already has a release date

It was one of the most talked about news of last March: ARK: Survival Evolved, one of the most successful games of recent years on desktop platforms, would come to Android sooner or later, to join the bandwagon of great mobile games that we have already seen throughout this year along with Fortnite and PlayerUknown's Battlegrounds.

But it seems that the wait is coming to an end. Today, as confirmed by the game's own developer company on its official Twitter profile, ARK: Survival Evolved for Android and iOS will be available globally next week. An ad that has undoubtedly managed to create even more among the followers of this famous survival game.

ARK, another great game that bets on mobile platforms: available on June 14

As reflected in the , It will be next Thursday, June 14, the day that we will be able to enjoy this adventure and survival game first released in 2015, on our Android and iOS mobile devices. According to the creators, the launch will take place globally, and will be available from the for users of all mobile platforms —learn, Epic Games—

On the other hand, as they point out since , we know that the game will be of type , and although it is true that there will be in-app purchases to unlock elements, structures and materials, these can also be obtained without having to go through the box. One of the most difficult additions to get will be the , a special and exclusive material that can also be purchased through an internal purchase.

ARK: Survival Evolved for Android already has a release date

It has also been confirmed that it will exist an in-game subscription service called Primal Pass. This will cost $ 3.99 per month or $ 34.99 per year, and it will earn you double experience points, exclusive positions on the servers, early access to news and events, and the removal of all ads in the game.

Unlike other games, ARK does not appear on Google Play for pre-registration, so it is not possible to be notified when the launch takes place. Be that as it may, from We will keep you informed about all the news about this long-awaited game that will finally arrive on Android next week.