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Are you a Google Stadia user? Prepare for the worst

Will Google shut down its Stadia platform?

As many of you will know, In addition to smartphones in we love video games. Whether playing them on a PlayStation, Xbox, a Nintendo Switch and even on mobiles.

Particularly, one of my latest acquisitions was Google Stadia taking advantage of the incredible Cyberpunk 2077 offering, a game that despite its flaws is incredibly enjoyed on the Google platform.

Well, thanks to the fact that Google Stadia is without a doubt the best platform to play the new CD Projekt RED game, many people realized the potential of Stadia.

Is Google Stadia the best gaming platform for the uninitiated?

What seemed like a definitive impulse to make itself known in the end has not been and is that once again Google has done everything wrong. Honestly, I had it very simple to show the world that Stadia was the future of video games but you know, Google is Google.

What future holds for Google Stadia?

Google Stadia walking a tightrope?

Why do we say this? Google recently announced that it was closing its internal studies confirming that they would effectively stop working on exclusive titles. Stadia's idea is to focus on third-party games by helping developers publish their titles on Stadia.

This news a priori may not seem so bad, but it leaves us with some doubts. On the one hand, Stadia is clearly not being profitable for Google And it is that in just over a year that the Google platform has been alive, it has closed its internal studies. Did they think that a platform like Stadia was going to pay off overnight? Do they have so little faith in themselves?

The news that Google closed its studies spread like wildfire. Pessimism arose among the most loyal followers of Stadia and is that we are all aware that Google does not tremble when it comes to closing projects that are not very profitable or not at all profitable. Would Stadia shut down? What will happen to all the money in the Stadia store invested? Many wondered.

The problem is not that Google closes the internal studies of Stadia or that Jade Raymond (head of the platform) runs away from Google, but the null commercial work that the big G is doing. How simple it would have been for Google itself to have released a statement reassuring Stadia players that the platform is more alive than ever, that there will be no exclusive games but that great titles are coming soon. Did you know that FIFA 21 is launching on Stadia shortly? Well obviously not because the commercial area of ​​Google Stadia does not do its job well.

To make matters worse, the bad news for Stadia does not stop arriving. Terraria, one of the most popular indie games of today, confirmed that it would arrive on Stadia … but finally not. Apparently Google had suspended his developer's Gmail account where he not only had his mail but also thousands of files and he is fed up with the fact that Google will not reply to his emails weeks later, decided to take justice into his own hands stating that his game will not reach the end of the Google platform.

Beyond it may seem like a tantrum, Google is once again silent and users fear more projects will be canceled not because Stadia is a bad platform, but because Google seems to have no interest in it.

And is that the communication Google – Community is null. While Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo itself make great presentations, interact with the community and above all generate with the new releases, Google does the opposite with Stadia, giving the impression that not even the Mountain View company has high hopes for its platform..

And be careful, because Stadia works luxuriously and despite the fact that its catalog is not as extensive as that of other platforms. The fact that you can play next-generation titles only from your computer's browser or using a Chromecast Ultra It is a great asset although unfortunately Google is not knowing how to exploit it. Is the world of video games big for Google? Well, we are not going to deny it.

The future of Google Stadia is therefore uncertain. We sincerely doubt that the platform will close in the short term, but we do believe that it will not have the popularity it really deserves. Google is not that it has a long way to go but that it directly has to rethink the entire strategy for Google Stadia.

Only time will tell if Google's streaming video game platform joins the long list of projects abandoned by the great G.