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Are the tablets sold with the newspaper worth it?

As we all know, it is already very common for different newspapers to promote electronic devices, basically Y . Today, September 8, with the imminent start of classes, the newspaper “El Mundo” has taken the opportunity to propose the purchase of a tablet for the new course.

We can even choose between three screen sizes: 7 ″, 9 ″ or 10 ″. The prices are really attractive (20, 70 or 90 euros). But the real question is are these tablets worth it?


Let's start with the cold data. Let's see a comparative table of these three tablets to see if, regardless of the promotion, they can be useful for our purposes:

As we see, they are low-mid-range devices, very commensurate with their price. The exact model is not specified, but it may well be the Prixton Tablet Flavor New Salty, a basic, such as those that appear intended for children or less demanding audiences

In general its characteristics are not bad, except perhaps the low amount of RAM and screen resolution. This is most pronounced in the of 9 ″ that maintains the same resolution in a somewhat larger size, so quality is lost.
Are the tablets you sell with the newspaper worth it?

The camera, which is not specified, is merely testimonial, probably about 0.3 megapixels (if it is the model we create). However, most users don't need much more. And, I repeat, less for that price … Although that is the price, let's say, net.

Real price

And it is that, In addition to the advertised price, some more expenses must be taken into account. First of all, of course, you have to have the coupons. We will have to buy the newspaper for 20 days to get the necessary coupons. This represents an expense of 30.8 euros, to which must be added that of the call or message to reserve the device. If we opt for SMS, the cheapest, it will cost us 1.4 euros.

So in total, the final prices of these three Prixton would be 52.2 euros for the 7 ″, 102.2 euros for the 9 ″ and 122.2 euros in the case of the 10 ″.

So is it worth it or not?

Well, like everything … it depends. For 20 euros a 7 ″ dual core and Android 4.4 is fine. We can't ask for much for that price. If we don't have to buy the newspaper to get the coupons, it will be really cheap.

If, as usual, we have to buy all 20 newspapers, perhaps the offer is not so attractive. Is 7 ″ for just over 50 euros is still an attractive offer, but we must take into account the many limitations it has: a screen with a poor resolution (that is not counting the unknown quality of the panel, its viewing angles or its response to natural light) and little RAM.

But, as we say, everything depends on the use that we are going to give it. For 50 or 100 euros we cannot expect a great power. Surely we will find a problem and applications that we can not use, although it will not be too serious but annoying. On the other hand, Your 4GB storage will be limited by various programs that come pre-installed, as usual in this basic range of devices.

In summary, if we are going to give it a basic use (surfing the Internet, consuming multimedia content without too many demands, or reading e-books and magazines) can be a good option. If we want to fully enjoy our movies and videos, we'd better find another screen (and let's pay for it, of course). For a little more (139 euros) we can buy the first version of the Kindle Fire, with double the storage and, more importantly, double the RAM. And besides, there are always ways to find the something cheaper. Of course, I advise you to follow this guide to choosing an Android tablet before you decide.

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