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Apple is the only wireless brand that has avoided the recession… it has been for a while

The mobile phone market collapses and with it all the giants in the industry, who have lost all but one turnover and profit

Apple is the only wireless brand that has avoided the recession... it has been for a while
At the end of 2022, only Apple perro smile when we talk about revenue in the mobile industry.

He had been warned by previous IDC reports and now they are experts counterpoint research those supporting the news: The mobile market is still in recession and only Apple is escaping it (no, not Samsung…).

And it is despite the fact that Samsung and Apple appeared to be the only ones holding up sales in an environment where falls are common, as our classmates told us Android authority seems to be only the giant from Cupertino is growing in sales following the announcement of results for the last full quarter of 2022.

it is a very difficult year for the mobile communications industryin the event of a possible economic recession, with the pandemic still raging in some countries in Asia, where the “zero Covid” strategy is leading to massive shutdowns, and in recent months with geopolitical tensions that have fueled trade wars between China and the United States have, or by the ensuing war between Russia and Ukraine Acceleration of massive inflation in almost all markets driven by energy dependency.

As the entire industry collapses around them, in Cupertino they celebrate that iPhone numbers are still green and growing between operating profit and the average retail price of their teléfonos inteligentes.

The big drop in cell phones is real: Samsung announced a cut of 30 million cell phones

The Counterpoint study says yes Global móvil market revenue fell 3% year-on-year in the third quarter of 2022, swept away by one a huge drop in sales of up to 12% if we look at global extrapolated numbers.

Everything could be worse, and that is there is one manufacturer (apparently Apple) that keeps their numbers under wraps again and again despite the negative environment that surrounds him.

The giant from Cupertino launched its iPhone 14 right this quarter help make the numbers of the whole industry, Agregado, sales are growing 10% annually thanks to an average selling price that, in his case, has increased by at least 7%.

Earnings in the mobile market Q3-2022

Share of operating income by manufacturer in the wireless industry, updated to Q3 2022. (Jointpoint)

Regarding your competitors Samsung However, the average selling price rose less, by a modest 2% doubled sales of its Galaxy Z wraps in comparison to the previous year. Nevertheless, his income fell 4% year over year.

OPPO also accidentally fallsno less than 27% sales and 5% average selling price, and that although it has incorporated those of OnePlus into its numbersThese numbers are no doubt drawn due to the troubles in China caused by the new waves of the coronavirus.

xiaomi the other positive, albeit much more moderate, since Revenue grows 4% annually by selling teléfonos inteligentes in the cheapest price ranges. In fact, their shipments for cell phones over $300 are down 1.5%, and They grew heavily in the 200 band up to $299which also increased the average selling price by 14% year over year.

This is also mentioned in the report Sales of teléfonos inteligentes with 5G connectivity increased the average price by 10%although this is too partly due to the fact that Apple has arrived at 5G and their iPhones are all hacked plus:

At more than $80 billion, the revenue contribution from 5G phones hit an all-time high of 80% of global sales, up from 69% in the third quarter last year. During the same period, the revenue contribution from 4G LTE phones fell 10% to $19 billion. This technology shift from 4G to 5G was spearheaded by Apple, which alone accounts for more than half of all 5G sales with more than 95% of its 5G-enabled phones.

Undisputed effects economy down in which updating teléfonos inteligentes is no longer such a priority also depends on a huge price increase It reduced the purchasing power of families and that it will certainly make things even more difficult for us for a few more quarters Saturation is already aparente in emerging markets like China and India.

We will see how events unfold in the coming months, but if you look at Apple’s numbers, it’s clear that it is If anyone escapes the crisis, it’s the richestAs always!