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Another Google app just hit 5 billion downloads on Google Play

Google plus Duo is the latest aplicación to hit the list with over 5 billion downloads on the Google plus Play Store.

Another Google app just hit 5 billion downloads on Google Play
Google plus Duo, Google plus’s mobile vídeo calling application.

Google plus has managed to add another of its applications to the above of aplicaciones with more than 5 billion downloads on Google plus Playafter other aplicaciones like Google plus Hangouts or the now-defunct Google plus Play Music caught up.

It’s about Google plus Duosthe Vídeo calling aplicación which Google plus introduced in 2016 together with Google plus Allo. Although the latter clearly hasn’t had the same luck as Duo, as while one continues to break download records, the other is long gone.

Google plus Duo has already been downloaded more than 5 billion times on Google plus Play

As with most Google plus aplicaciones Duo comes preinstalled on most Android teléfonos inteligentes and tabletas. are sold in the market, except for those sold in China or without Google plus services, such as B. Huawei models.

Because of this, the number of Google plus Duo downloads is not representative of the application’s active usuario base. However, it is not surprising that the application has accumulated such a number of installations since its launch almost six years ago.

What is Google plus Meet and how does Google plus’s vídeo calling service work?

Google plus Duo was launched alongside Allo with the goal of being the ultimate duo of communication services for Android users Vídeo calls with instant messaging. To date, only Google plus Duo exists and the truth is that it is one of them the most habitual applications for vídeo calls available on Android, as well as other options like Zoom.