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Android tablets not working: a user has created the ultimate tablet experience for Microsoft

There are still  some Android tablets that are worth it  for price and performance, but without a doubt  the tablet market is fading  with only two firms staying afloat,  none of them Android, while everyone looks at a very slow Microsoft  that here does have a margin with Windows and that presented us with very interesting things a few months ago such  as the foldable Surface Neo .

However, it has been  a user who has created  what we could call  the definitive tablet experience for Microsoft , and it is that the Philippine designer Genrole Caspe has reinvented the windows operating system with  a really nice concept, more friendly with touch screens  and more. in line with that continuity that we all want between mobile devices and conventional PCs.

Now we leave you with  the video where the redesigned interface is shown  with all its details, where you will see how much more careful graphics stand out in an experience similar to the current one, very familiar, creating that feeling that a hypothetical  Windows 10 or Windows 10X that you should learn from this concept  and certainly apply many of its ideas:

We like it a lot, it is true, and it is in fact that if  Microsoft has been running for some time as an alternative to absolutely inoperative Android tablets  that have left Amazon and Apple alone in the front, it is also true that the Redmond company should give a Another step to adapt Windows to the new times, something that Genrole Caspe has achieved with a novel and modular design, a new experience with the file explorer,  a completely redesigned action and notification center that would be one of the keys  and intelligent options such as timeline cards.

And if you are already waiting for news from Microsoft, the truth is that  the future points to important changes with a promising Windows 10X , which should enliven devices as modern and interesting as the  Surface Neo  with its hinge system and expanded screen, in addition to  all the new Surface tablets  that will come and that you will surely want to try.

Microsoft's Surfaces are postulated as the best alternatives to a market for inoperative Android tablets, which have left Amazon and Apple alone on the front lines, but which still lack one more point

Windows 10 wants to be the alternative to Android tablets: Should we buy?

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Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Get your Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (Save up to € 350.00)

And if you've been wanting to try Microsoft's continuity experience, which promises to improve even more with Windows 10X but  is probably already the best tablet experience on the market , here we introduce you to the new Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

An ultralight laptop, with  a 12.3-inch touch screen and  active stylus compatibility  that becomes the most versatile tool for working or consuming multimedia content, being able to  write or draw naturally  both freehand and with its keyboard / cover and its back support.

The hardware is configurable to suit you, with state-  of-the-art processors and up to 16 GB of RAM memory , all in a device of only 770 grams with USB-C and USB-A connections so that you can use  any of your current peripherals  without any problem. .

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Get your Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (Save up to € 545.00)

The other option,  even cheaper , is the Surface Pro 6 model also ultralight, looking for capital versatility with a previous generation of processors but with all the  complete Windows 10 experience and its Windows Ink environment  for  active stylus support  .

Its screen is also  12.3 inches with a multi-touch digitizer , a density of 267 pixels per inch and the ability to configure custom hardware within the specifications set by Microsoft, with  SSD storage of up to 1 TB  in this case.

It has USB 3.0, microSD reader, Mini DisplayPort port and  the same covers with keyboard already known from the Surface range , probably the most comfortable solution in tablets with expanded possibilities like these from Microsoft.

Windows 10 wants to be the alternative to Android tablets: Should we buy?

Do we buy Microsoft as the real alternative to the tablet market?

Well, it is certainly  quite difficult to predict the movements  of a market that experienced a   temporary boom a couple of years ago and then stagnated and began its decline. There are many reasons, but the main one is undoubtedly  the exponential growth of mobiles with large-format screens , coupled with a longer renewal period for devices that are mostly used at home and sporadically.

The key is to  achieve that much-demanded continuity  between mobile and desktop experiences, as  well as access to the business world   where Microsoft has practically the path made, but where it needs to find that cheaper cutting device that makes it a standard based sales.

For now we present two options without a doubt that are very interesting, at least if what you want is  a convertible tablet that works in all situations , both at home and at work. Not only that, and it is that they are  compatible with all the software you know  without changes in the experience that you already enjoy with any laptop, and with the possibility of easily connecting the keyboard and other peripherals.

What does Microsoft have to grow and explore this market further? Yes. What is the company with the greatest potential in this market? Well also … We will have to be vigilant!


Android tablets not working: a user has created the ultimate tablet experience for Microsoft