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Android Pi: the next version of Android already has an internal name

You probably haven't received yet Android Oreo on your mobile, but, If the search engine company decides to stick to the dates used over the last few years, in the middle or end of next March we will have between us a preliminary edition of what in the future will be Android 9.0.

And of course, Google is not only working on this new version of the operating system, but it is also immersed in the search for the perfect name that continues the series of desserts and sweets that have baptized the previous eight editions. To get started, the company already has an internal designation for the next major system upgrade.

Android 9.0, Pie, Pizza, Pancake?

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Just like discovered in an extract of code hosted on the AOSP website, Google developers and engineers reportedly started referring to Android version 9.0 as Android “Pi”. This, of course, will not be the definitive name of the next edition of the most used mobile platform in the world, but it is an internal name, probably a diminutive of “Pîe” –tarta, in English–, which only shares the first letter with the name that, most likely, we will discover in August of this year.

As an example, it should be remembered that Android 4.4, the version that became known worldwide as KitKat, had the internal name of “Key Lime Pie”, and in the same way, the rest of the versions of the system that we have known so far. Therefore, it is more than likely that the reference discovered today in the AOSP code, is the way in which Google knows the new version. But, .

Of course, it is still early to speculate on the possible name of the new edition of Google's operating system. However, Hiroshi Lockheimer, the main person in charge of the Android and ChromeOS platforms, best known for his jokes and , it has not taken too long dropping the first clues on the name, pointing to “Pancake” or “Pocky” as some of the possible names that could give name to the future version.

Either way, although users of Pixel phones will not have to wait too long to enjoy the first trial version of Android 9.0, yes, we would have to wait almost half a year to know the definitive name. At least we already know that “Pi” is its internal name.