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Android O: the best news that will come with this update

Announced for the first time last March, and introduced in more detail by Google during I / O 2017 held last week, Android O will be the next version of the Big G mobile operating system that will officially debut later this year.

The next big Android update promises to arrive loaded with interesting news, both internally and externally, in order to offer an even more complete experience while providing dozens of new useful additions for users of the system.

And now that Google has already opened the beta program for this version, and the main new features that the update will incorporate have already been announced, today we wanted to collect the best news to come with Android O later this year.

The most important news that will arrive with Android O

Improved notifications

The management of notifications is one of the main strengths of Android compared to other platforms. And if that was not enough, Google intends to further improve this section introducing interesting news that will allow us have a more exhaustive control over our notifications.

On Android O, it will be possible dismiss notifications temporarily, and receive them again after a specified time. On the other hand, the “notification channels” will allow users to manage the notifications received in a more precise way through categories.

But the thing does not end there, since the notifications in Android O will receive new functionalities related to their appearance. The first of these will be the introduction of “notification badges”, which will allow users to view notifications directly from the quick access of the app in question on the home screen, by a long press. Additionally, developers will now have the ability to change background color of the notification in order to facilitate identification by the user.

Picture in Picture mode

Although it was already announced by Google at the end of March, during the I / O more details were specified about The mode that will arrive in Android O. Thanks to this new feature aimed at enhancing multitasking, users will be able to view videos in floating windows while other actions are performed on the system.

New emojis

android emojis or

Android had a problem with emojis, and users made it known to Google on more than one occasion. Now with Android O, the emojis have been completely redesigned, leaving behind the strange appearance that these types of images had, and adapting to those of the rest of the platforms.

Smart text selection

One of the undisputed stars of Google I / O 2017 was the artificial intelligence. Google was taking full advantage of its capabilities with respect to this type of system, and Android will be one of the platforms in which the big G intends to introduce improvements of this type.

One of the most important will be smart text selection. So, the system will be able to identify, by double tapping on the screen, the complete text that the user intends to copy, in order to make life easier and save time and work for users. In addition, this system may identify what type of text it is and offer shortcuts to applications such as Google Maps in case it is an address, or the phone app if it is a contact.

Pause system downloads

From Android O, as long as we receive a new version of the system via OTA, it will be possible pause it easily to continue later. This is very useful in situations where the Internet connection is unstable.

Native text autofill

Autofill in Android O

Similar to what we can find in other platforms or applications, Android O will have a native text autofill tool, compatible with apps installed on the device thanks to the new system-level API.

New gestures on the fingerprint reader

The gestures on the fingerprint reader They were introduced in Android 7.1 Nougat after the launch of the Pixels, and now Google intends to improve this system with new possibilities. As of Android O, the accessibility settings of the operating system will be compatible with the gestures on the reader, which will allow developers to take advantage of this functionality to introduce gestures in their apps.

Automatic Wi-Fi connection

This is probably one of the news that most people have overlooked in Android O. In this new version, the Wi-Fi connection will be activated or deactivated automatically when the terminal is in a trusted zone. In this way, it is intended to save battery and mobile data, thanks to the fact that the system will know when to connect to a Wi-Fi network without the need for user interaction.

Android Go

android go play store

Of course, we couldn't forget Android Go, the trimmed version of the system for low-resource devices. Thanks to this new variant, it is expected that even smartphones with 1 GB of RAM will be able to run Android O without any major problem, thanks to the use of applications optimized for this type of terminal.

Kotlin language support

He support for the Kotlin programming language It was one of the most anticipated novelties by Android application developers. Thanks to this language, apps will be more stable and it will be possible to fix bugs in a simpler way.

Project treble

Project treble Perhaps it is the most important novelty, not only in Android O, but in the history of the operating system in general. Through this new architecture, which aims to make Android modular software, brands will be able to release updates to their devices in a much faster way, since they will not need to wait for the component manufacturers to develop the drivers for the terminals. This important novelty will arrive with Android O, but not everyone will be able to enjoy it with the update.

Adaptive Icons

Android O Adaptive Icons

With the sole objective of ending the inequalities between the icons of the different manufacturers, “Adaptive Icons” will come to Android O to allow developers to create icons for their apps in a very simple way, in addition to being able to introduce animations and effects. Once the image is created, it will be the manufacturer who decides how the app icons will be displayed in the system interface.

Despite the fact that there are still several months until the arrival of the final version of Android O, and therefore, we do not rule out knowing new features with the rest of that are yet to come, This promises to be one of the most important updates in the history of the system at the functionality level.