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Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 begins to arrive on the HTC One

The issue of updates is one of the burdens on many of the occasions when we talk about Android, but in certain situations it is more bloody cases, especially when we are talking about high-end terminals.

The HTC One, considered by many users the best phone so far this year hit the market with the version of Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 in its veins. Nothing negative in principle, although other contemporary terminals such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 already included Android Jelly Bean but in version 4.2.2. However, time passes and while devices like the Sony Xperia Z are already beginning to receive the latest version of Android, in the case of HTC and its HTC One there was still no news.

This fact is compounded by the bad reputation that the Taiwan company has when it comes to updating its products, something that makes many users fear for the support received. It must be said, however, in his defense, that the Sense 5 works like a charm and is one of the most stable customization layers we can find.

And we reached this point, in which many users were already suspicious of HTC's promise to update their terminal before the summer, when we see the first movements in this regard. If a few days ago a version of Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 appeared of doubtful origin for the Chinese dual SIM model, now it has come to light that in Taiwan the update is already being sent via OTA to free terminals. It is even pointed out that it may be reaching some European countries, although those tied to operators will still have to wait a few days.

The OTA has a weight of 465 MB and so far according to the information there are two versions, a first with the number 2.24.709.1 and which corresponds to the free version of Taiwan and another with the number 2.24.401.1 referring to the international free version .

Both in the different forums or web pages as XDADevelopers or AndroidCentral threads have been created to keep up with all the news and the distribution process for this long-awaited update. The novelties that it presents can be summarized in several sections:

  • Inclusion of on the lock screen.
  • Possibility to show the percentage next to the battery.
  • Base Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.
  • Button behavior improvements .
  • Possibility of using the button as “menu”.
  • Battery percentage in the notification bar.
  • Quick settings.
  • Ability to lock focus and exposure separately.
  • Best video moments with 6 new themes.
  • New format for the Zoe.
  • Bug fixes.

A complete update that we hope will arrive soon and manage to maintain the level so high that until now we have been able to enjoy the version of Android and Sense that HTC provided their star terminal.

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