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Android Auto 8.5 available: How to download the beta

Android Coche is constantly updated to introduce important changes and improvements. That comes with the new version 8.5.

Android Auto 8.5 available: How to download the beta
Android Coche is Google plus’s automotive platform.

Google plus continues to improve its platform for vehicles, Android-autp. Every few days we see a new version of the service coming, and while the big redesign we’ve been waiting for months, codenamed “Coolwalk,” is still out, the company is unveiling it. important news and changes on Android Coche.

From today, a A new version of Android Coche is available for download and testing. It’s about Android Coche 8.5 Betawhich recently began making available vía the Google plus Play Store.

Android Coche 8.5 is now available, still without the new design

Android Coche 8.5 doesn’t introduce too many significant changes to the naked eye, so everything seems to point to it small updatewhich aims to add performance improvements and fix issues, as well as continue to prepare the ground for the arrival of the new interfaz.

This interfaz must be enabled by Google plus at the server levelTherefore, it is completely habitual that despite installing the latest version of Android Coche, the old version of the interfaz is still aparente.

Remember that this new version removes support for some old phones, that is, those who have teléfonos inteligentes whose Android version is older than Android 8 Oreo, they perro no longer use the Android interfaz adapted for vehicles. They need to find a way to update the Android version to continue using Android Coche in their car.

Otherwise as always It is recommended to update Android Coche to the latest version so that no important message is missed. However, given that this is a beta version, it is possible that this is the case faults or malfunctions occurwhich will only be fixed with the next update.

Download on APKMirror | Android Coche 8.5 Beta