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Android 11 does not take off in Spain: less than 5% of devices have received the update

More than half of the existing Android devices in Spain still have Android 10.

The Latest StatCounter data make it clear: the Android 11 adoption from the manufacturers of Android devices it has not been all the good that Google expected.

At this point in the year 2021, when it has already passed about half a year since the launch of Android 11, only 1 in 5 devices has upgraded to Android 11 in the United States. In other regions, such as Spain, the data is even worse: only 5% of devices have received the update.

Android 10 and Android 11, two of the most recent versions of Android.

Android 11 still doesn't take off six months later

Based on the latest data collected by the consultancy, during the period from February 2020 to February 2021, Android 10 has remained the predominant version of the system around the world.

In the United States, this version is present in a 37.47% devices, while Android 11 is 20.29%, with a share surpassed by Android 9 Pie, which even today occupies close to a 20.5% of devices.

In Europe, the reception of Android 11 appears to have been even worse, with only 6.9% of devices updated to the latest version of Android. Specifically, in Spain the latest version does not even reach 5% quota.

Although the data is not particularly promising, Google is positive about the reception of Android 11 by manufacturers. Not long ago, the company claimed that the adoption of Android 11 had been the best in a long time thanks, among other things, to new measures aimed at facilitating the development of updates by manufacturers.

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