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Among Us: this is the reason why news takes so long to arrive

Have you also noticed the late arrival of news to Among Us? This is the reason given by those responsible for the lack of updates.

Without high-quality graphics and with a storyline that encourages team play, Among Us captured the hearts of millions of players in 2020.

There were few surprises when Innersloth’s title managed to rise as the best mobile game of the year at the Game Awards, beating great works such as Call of Duty: Mobile.

It was at that gala where one of those responsible for Among Us announced the arrival of a new map called The Airship. However, the days go by and there is still no more information about the future news of the game.

To shed some light on the situation, Innersloth has published a note on your website to explain what changes are coming to Among Us soon and why your arrival is being delayed longer than expected.

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The restructuring behind the success of Among Us

The lack of news in Among Us has an explanation.

From Innersloth they know the complaints of the fans of Among Us for the delay of any novelty in the game. To calm the requests of these users, they have dedicated a specific section of their communication to the explanations about the slow development of Among Us.

We have already mentioned it, the success of the game was brutal in 2020, so much so that its own developers they were not prepared for all that this entailed. When they thought that the development of the game had already finished, this interest came from millions of players, which forced them to get back to working on your development to solve all the errors that were appearing.

You can imagine that it was not an easy task, and more knowing that Innersloth was formed at that time by only 3 workers. It is not that now the team is gigantic, since only one more developer has joined, but the situation is clearly better, since all of them have spent the last months reorganizing the way of working to make it more efficient.

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This time has served Innersloth to find new work processes and have the help of external partners to better manage the operation of the company. This behind-the-scenes work has taken members of Innersloth away from developing the game’s own dynamics for a few months, but it was a necessary process to be able to focus now on that, on the growth of Among Us.

We must also bear in mind that the game has been released for additional platforms besides mobile, such as Nintendo Switch, which entails an extra dedication that also takes time away from work on the new features of the game.

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Once all this work on restructuring Innersloth is finished, the 4 developers that comprise it will be able to dedicate themselves body and soul to the development of Among Us, which will translate into more news for players. Despite the work of recent months, we are still waiting for the launch of The Airship map for these first months of 2021, which will be accompanied in the future by a system of accounts.

Before dismissing the statement, the members of Innersloth wanted thank you for the patience of the users of Among Us while they wait for the next big game update. , have added.