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All these Android games are free or discounted for just a few hours

If you were looking for new games to grow your collection of Google Play titles, You have come to the right place. The Google application store, one more Wednesday, dawns full of paid games for Android that, for a while, will be able to download totally free or at a discount.

Among the more than 20 games that we have selected, we can find such famous titles as Slaughter 2, Sim Cell and many more. All of them are available below, but first it is necessary to remember that the duration of the offers, as always, is limited, and therefore it is advisable to hurry up and download the games as soon as possible before the original prices return.

Paid games for Android on offer


Google Play | Volt (0.59 euros 2.29)

ACE Academy

Google Play | ACE Academy (€ 1.99 11.99)

Endless ATC

Google Play | Endless ATC (1.99 euros 2.99)

Swamp Defense 2 AdFree

Google Play | Swamp Defense 2 AdFree (0.59 euros 1.79)

Slaughter 2: Prison Assault

Google Play | Slaughter 2: Assault in Prison (0.59 euros 2.99)

RedSun RTS

Google Play | RedSun RTS (0.59 euros1.49)

Neon Chrome

Google Play | Neon Chrome (2.39 euros 6.99)

Air Hockey VR

Google Play | Air Hockey VR (0.99 euros 2.09)

PowBall Renaissance

Google Play | PowBall Renaissance (1.09 euros 1.69 euros)

Sim cell

Google Play | Sim Cell (1.09 euros 4.49)

Paid games for Android free

Stickman Ghost 2: Gun Sword

Google Play | Stickman Ghost 2: Gun Sword (Free 0.99 euros)

Jeembo Tveth Retro Runners

Google Play | Jeembo Tveth Retro Runners (Free 0.99 euros)

Dungeon X Pixel Hero VIP

Google Play | Dungeon X Pixel Hero VIP (Free 0.89 euros)

The Celestial Tree VIP

Google Play | The Celestial Tree VIP (Free 0.89 euros)

The Gardener Collection

Google Play | The Gardener Collection (Free 1.39 euros)

Real Truck Simulator 3D Full

Google Play | Real Truck Simulator 3D Full (Free 1.09 euros)

Timmy's First Words in English

Google Play | Timmy's First Words in English (Free 0.99 euros)

Taxi Simulator 1976 Pro

Google Play | Taxi Simulator 1976 Pro (Free 1.59 euros)

Blue X World

Google Play | Blue X World (Free 2.09 euros)

Ahkobiemmu – Bestemors gutt

Google Play | Ahkobiemmu – Bestemors gutt (Free 5.49 euros)