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All the wallpapers of Paranoid Android: download them now on your mobile


Discover the 29 new Paranoid Android wallpapers and download the ones you like the most for your mobile.

paranoid android is one of the most popular Android based Custom ROMS. Although its managers spent several years without releasing any version, they came back with force to work on Android 10 and have not left it again to this day. Thanks to them, we can offer you 29 wallpapers of the latest version of Paranoid Android, based on Android 12.

If you are looking for new wallpapers for your mobile, here you will find 29 new images that may fit what you are looking for. They are abstract designs, some with more color than others, that you can download full resolution below.

All the wallpapers of Paranoid Android: download them now on your mobile

Download Paranoid Android ROM wallpapers for your mobile.

29 Paranoid Android wallpapers for your mobile

The Android 12 version of Paranoid Android, also known as “Sapphire” (Sapphire, in Spanish), comes loaded with wallpapers with which to personalize your Android mobile. From Xiaomiui have been in charge of compiling these 29 images that, without a doubt, will be perfect as new home screen wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper or both.

As we have already told you, they are abstract images with different prints, colors and shapes. We already know that Paranoid Android is characterized by being a Custom ROM focused on simple designs, so it is not surprising that these wallpapers are simple but very pretty. Below, you can see a gallery with some of these images. You just have to click on them to see them larger.

All the wallpapers of Paranoid Android: download them now on your mobile

As you can see, the diversity of colors is very wide. Another feature of this Paranoid Android wallpaper gallery is that each of them has its own name, so we can differentiate them better. In addition, there are some images in landscape format that are also could fit well on your tablet or PC.

If you want to download these Paranoid Android wallpapers at full resolution on your mobile, you just have to access the following Google Drive folder and see the 29 available. Click on the one you like the most and do click the download button to make you with him.

Although Android Custom ROMS have lost interest in recent years, it is still interesting how some of them continue to offer their proposals to those users who need them. In this case, Paranoid Android stands tall with constant useful newslike these wallpapers.

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