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All the games we’d like to see on Google Stadia in 2021

Hopefully all these great games come to Google Stadia in 2021!

Google Stadia is the streaming video game platform of the guys from Mountain View or what is the same, video games in the cloud. After a few first starts with many doubts, the truth is that Stadia is growing more and more.

Today it has a much larger user base and a really interesting catalog. Furthermore, there is no doubt that Google Stadia is the best platform to enjoy games as demanding as the recent Cyberpunk 2077.

Will it be the year of Google Stadia?

Now, the Google Stadia catalog, despite having improved notably, is insufficient if we compare it with other more mature platforms or services such as PlayStation, Steam, Xbox or the Nintendo Switch itself. 2021 may be a great year for Stadia but there is no doubt that it needs more and more games. We would love for all these to arrive. What about you?

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is the clear example that a bad start can have a happy ending. The game promised unlimited exploration, a multitude of tasks to do, multiplayer and hundreds of planets to explore, all of them randomly created. The truth is that none of that was fulfilled.

The game received a ton of complaints, second-hand baskets were full of boxes with returned copies, and users felt ripped off. However, the developers came out to apologize and got down to work to regain lost trust. The result today is a completely new game with a multitude of free updates to the point that The current No Man’s Sky has nothing to do with the one that went on sale a couple of years ago.

Do we want to see it on Google Stadia? Of course yes.

Star Wars: Squadrons

With the presence of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on Google Stadia, There is no obstacle for Electronic Arts to also launch Star Wars: Squadrons on the Google platform.

Unlike Fallen Order, Squadrons is a multiplayer oriented game –Although it has a campaign of about 8-12 hours with which to learn all the mechanics– in which you will have to choose between the Galactic Empire or the New Republic. Once our pilot is created, we choose role and ship and we enter into hilarious multiplayer battles in outer space. An unforgettable experience and it is that, who did not dream of piloting their own ship while watching the Star Wars movies?


One of the best-selling games in history, present on a multitude of platforms and that will also have its own version on new generation consoles, It should also be present on Google Stadia.

At this point in the movie, no video game fan is unaware of what GTA V represents in the video game industry, so being included in the Google service is something that would benefit Stadia a lot.


Hades is the best game of 2020 for Steam users and we understand it perfectly. Created by Supergiant Games, we take on the role of Zagreus, the son of Hades, as we try to get out of the Underworld to become one of the Olympian Gods.

An action-packed game, with spectacular gameplay and in which each game is completely different from the previous one. Hades was nominated for best game of the year 2020 And although it did not win the award, it is undoubtedly a title with a special charm. Hope to see it on Google Stadia soon!

Final Fantasy VII Remake

In 1997 we witnessed one of the greatest revolutions in the history of video games. The one called Squaresoft –now Square Enix– launched Final Fantasy VII on the market. It was not only a historical milestone because the Japanese company abandoned Nintendo in favor of Sony and its PlayStation, but also because Final Fantasy VII was a real success in the West, and is that role-playing games at that time were almost unknown among the public. .

In 2020 Final Fantasy VII Remake was released, which is undoubtedly a dream come true for many. Next-gen graphics, an extended story, and a totally revamped combat system. This game is currently exclusive to PlayStation 4 but it is clear that in 2021 it will be released to other platforms and taking into account that there are other Square Enix titles on Stadia such as Octopath Traveler or Final Fantasy XV, Why not dream of Final Fantasy VII Remake for the Google platform?

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The witcher iii

Which for many is the best game of the previous generation, it would be a spectacular signing for Google Stadia. The Witcher III continues to look fabulous for the year it was released and considering that CD Projekt has relied on Google Stadia to launch its Cyberpunk 2077, Why not launch the adventures of Geralt, Ciri and Yennefer on the Google platform?

With one of the best-told stories in a video game, The Witcher III is a huge title with a multitude of missions, a gigantic and beautiful world to explore, unforgettable characters and above all, many important decisions to make. Of course, we also have to highlight their spectacular music and unforgettable villains.