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Activate WhatsApp without verification code, all ways

To activate WhatsApp it is essential to use a verification code. But can this security measure be bypassed? Let's try.

Despite the fact that for many Telegram is a much more complete application than WhatsApp, We cannot deny that the latter is the instant messaging app with the most users in the world.

Although the app owned by Facebook is not the paradigm of security and privacy, the truth is that with the passage of time the tool has improved a lot. As you know, to be able to use it you have to register with our phone number as they will send us a security code. But, Can WhatsApp be activated without the need for this code? Let's try.

We are going to try to activate WhatsApp without verification code

Luckily there is no way to activate a WhatsApp account without using the security code

The first time we download WhatsApp on our smartphone, they ask us for a phone number where a text message with a 6-digit code is sent to us used to activate the app. But what other methods are there?

Let's try verification by call. It is a way that is used when we do not receive the code through a text message. By choosing this option, we will receive a call through which a voice will dictate that verification code. So how do we check, in this way we also need the referred code.

Although there is another method beyond the text message and the phone call. It is about making use of an email. We explain ourselves.

In the event that we have put the smartphone in airplane mode, we will not receive any code by SMS or by call. So how do we activate WhatsApp? To do this, as we have said, we activate airplane mode, turn on Wi-Fi without removing airplane mode and enter our phone number in WhatsApp. The app will ask us for an alternative to activate the account and will ask us for an email.

Once this is done, we enter the email, we give to send and we quickly give to cancel. How could it be otherwise, We will also receive a code in the email that will have to be entered in the app.

So no. As well indicated on the WhatsApp website, to activate this tool called WhatsApp it is essential to do it with a code. Therefore, for many tutorials that we consult on the net, there is no official way to activate a WhatsApp account without using a verification code either by SMS, phone call or the third way through an email.