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According to a study, driving with Android Auto is more dangerous than doing it drunk or high

One of the main functions of technology is to help us with our daily tasks of the day to day. Hence, smartphones are one of the most essential tools in our life, they are not only used to call by phone but also to surf the internet, check mail, have our entire office thanks to services such as the cloud … but technology also it has its dangers, especially when we drive.

We not only say it for all those people who take Google Maps indications at face value and end up at the bottom of a river, but for all those fools who consult their mobile phone while drivingWhich, according to many experts, is even more dangerous than driving drunk.

Hence, there are cars with browsers or something more recent, services like Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, operating systems designed to make our car more “intelligent”. But beware, according to a new study, the use of these tools while driving it could be just as dangerous or more dangerous than doing it with a few too many drinks and even high. Insurance?

A study places Android Auto at the level of alcohol and drugs

Android Auto at the wheel

According to the study carried out by the UK road safety organization, IAM RoadSmart and echoed the ZDNet digital medium, using services such as Android Auto or Apple CarPlay while driving makes driver reaction times are equal to those who take alcohol or drugs and drive.

In concrete figures, using the touch controls of these operating systems while behind the wheel increases our reaction times. 53% in the case of Android Auto and 57% in the case of Apple CarPlay.

The study consisted of 20 participants who used Android Auto and another 20 who used Apple’s service. Three trips were made in which the drivers operated the vehicle without using either system, another trip using voice controls and the last using touch controls, being this last trip where the participants were more distracted.

Ultimately what this study intended was to make users aware that despite using tools such as those described above that in theory facilitate driving, we must never take our eyes off the road. Although it is best to use voice commands, it is preferable that the copilot handles Android Auto in the event that you have to find an address or want to put a specific radio station.

Of course we advise maximum attention to the wheel. Not only because our life is the most important thing we have, but also because we can end the lives of others in the event of an accident. Of course, nothing to use the mobile at the wheel and nothing to drive after having drunk – alcohol only to disinfect the mobile – or taken another similar substance. And in the event that you have Android Auto in the car … caution please.