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A week playing Call of Duty: Mobile: the best and the worst

Call of Duty: Mobile It has been around for a week now, long enough to become one of the most popular mobile video games and to overcome the 20 million downloads. The popular Activision saga has made its debut on mobile devices, increasing in mass over time and offering the franchise experience on any smartphone, and for free.

In we have been seven days with the weapon within reach and immersed in the frantic combats, both of the classic multiplayer games as in the battle royale mode from Call of Duty: Mobile. After a week of spending hours playing, we bring you an analysis of the new game of the saga shelling so much the best as the worst from the popular title.

The best of Call of Duty: Mobile

Frantic and action-packed matches

Is one of the keys from the popular Activision franchise: quick games, frantic and full of action. The mobile version of Call of Duty is quite ambitious and offers a totally different experience to the console versions, largely because of the ‘fault’ of the control system. However, the games still feature a high rate of action, in addition to the traditional gameplay and classic modes and maps of the saga.

The touch controls they don’t slow down the fighting, although it takes a while to get used to them. The game is thinking so much for novice and expert players. That is, you can choose between shooting manually or having the game do it automatically, although from here we recommend the first option (as long as you have some skill and experience in the saga). The game allows you to enjoy the games both alone and with friends, in addition to creating your own clan or enjoying voice chat.

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During games, in addition to having the mythical rewards for chaining a kill streak, players have the option to level up and earn rewards, edit character classes, weapons and abilities, and – virtually – step on iconic Call of Duty maps, such as Crash or Nuketown, one of the users’ favorites and where the action is really fast. In the same way, you can also enjoy modes as Team Duel or Domination, and in the future the beloved will arrive zombie mode.

A complete Battle Royale mode

Samsung Galaxy Note10 + Call of Duty Mobile

100 players They face each other to be the last one standing. Does it sound familiar? Like the rest of the Battle Royale titles, this is the objective in this modality of Call of Duty: Mobile. A mode that incorporates a class system and that reminds a little of PUBG Mobile -game that also belongs to Tencent- but with some notable differences. The map, for example, it’s quite big and contains elements of games from the saga, both Black Ops and Modern Warfare.

In this way, users can find mythical locations while navigating the dense map of the game in search of resources to survive. The gameplay is not really new, as it has many touches of PUBG Mobile, in addition to being able to use vehicles. Users can choose between the view in first or third person, and you can enjoy the games alone or together with friends.

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The objective of this modality is that only one remains standing, so you must move fast and hide at certain times to save your skin. Even equipping yourself well enough is a good strategy to follow. Here the games have a longer duration and are somewhat slower, compared to the other game modes, but Call of Duty: Mobile offers one of the best Battle Royale modes.

The worst of Call of Duty: Mobile

A game focused on the social experience

Call of Duty Mobile

The first thing to note is that Call of Duty: Mobile is so just let link the Facebook account, so those who do not have a profile in the well-known social network should play as guests, although their progression is saved, but when they change phones they will lose everything played. Offering more options to log in, either through Twitter, would have been a good idea to maintain progress if you change terminals.

The title is intended to be played with friends, so incorporates voice chat, lists, clans and a ping system, in addition to classifications. The game features a season pass, in addition to microtransactions, but they are all cosmetics that do not alter the rules of the game.

Final assessment

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is an addictive title and that offers all the experience of the saga in a different way and anywhere. The games are frantic, the virtual controls They are well configured and the Battle Royale mode is quite complete. Activision has one of its most popular titles before it for a long time, as the number of players continues to increase.

Whether you have Call of Duty experience or not, it’s about one of the essential mobile games and that you should have installed on your phone. It is an ideal title for when one does not have much time, such as to play on the way to work, or to spend hours enjoying its combats and its Battle Royale mode.

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