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A Twitter user has created the perfect wallpapers for the Samsung Galaxy S10 +

On February 20, Samsung held the 10th anniversary of the family officially announcing its new flagships: the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 +. Both of them mean for the company a leap of innovation in key aspects such as screen, camera and performance. In addition, they offer interesting customization options, such as the one that allows to hide the holes in the front that house the cameras of the superior model.

Recall that the South Korean company opted for a new design concept, the Infinity O Display, to house its front cameras through a hole in the screen to maximize the space available for the image without any distraction. Although, despite the fact that most users consider that with daily use this feature manages to go unnoticed, others stated that not all apps have their interface ready to interact with the resource.

A Twitter user has created the perfect wallpapers for the Samsung Galaxy S10 +

And, when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S10 +, we must consider that is the first and only on the market that has a hole in the screen with double front camera. Fortunately, the ingenuity of a Twitter user has led him to design some of the best wallpapers that can be used on this model.

These are the best wallpapers you can use on the Samsung Galaxy S10 +

The user @Mattcabb from Twitter has published a thread sharing with his followers a series of screenshots where it is possible to observe different wallpapers with characters that interact with the double hole of the Samsung Galaxy S10 +, obtaining a very interesting result.

Bender Fund

Thus, we can see -for example- to Bender (the robot from the Futurama series) or Johnny 5, the movie character , camouflaging and interacting with the two front photographic sensors of the Galaxy S10 +. Also to motorized vehicle Mars rover, used by NASA for its missions on Mars, one of the beloved Minions from the movie Gru, my favorite villain and even the beloved and remembered R2D2 from Star Wars, designed exclusively for the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Unfortunately, a link to the original files to download them has not yet been provided and combine them with all the wallpapers of the Samsung Galaxy S10 that we shared with you previously, although we are sure that they will not be long in coming and, when the time comes, we will inform you.