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A study affirms that your mobile can cause you pain and physical consequences of all kinds

The mobile phone has become an essential element in our day to day, almost an extension of our hands. As many experts in the field of health have already pointed out, using the mobile excessively is not good, referring to syndromes such as broken neck.

We regularly attend the publication of different studies that warn that using a mobile phone can pose health risks. One of them is the one that points out that technology saps your patience, being more anxious because of the phone. Now, a new study affirms that using a mobile phone can cause damage and physical consequences of all kinds.

A study reveals that using a mobile phone can cause physical injuries

JAMA Network Medical Magazine has published the study “Head and Neck Injuries Associated With Cell Phone Use” (“Head and neck injuries associated with the use of mobile phones”), in which he has investigated 2,501 injuries related to telephone use in patients in the United States between 1998 and 2017.

After finishing the work, those responsible have concluded that the majority of injuries caused by the use of the telephone are in the neck, head, face, nose and eyes, which could also be damaged by the blue light of the mobile. In addition, the study reveals that injuries of this type began to be much more frequent from 2007, when the first iPhone was launched on the market.

For people between the ages of 13 and 29, physical pain often results from distractions when walking or driving while using the mobile phone. On the other hand, in those under 13 years of age the injuries are caused directly by the weight and size of the current terminals, these being the users most likely to suffer the physical consequences of long-term mobile use.

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In the words of the study itself, .

Preventing injuries of this type from continuing to increase is difficult, as our dependence on mobile phones is increasing. To achieve this, the JAMA Network considers that educate users to know how to use the mobile phone in an appropriate way and thus prevent the pain and physical consequences caused by such use.

The danger of using telephones does not reside only in those physical injuries, it is also recommended that, for your health, you disinfect your mobile once a day. As you can see, the mobile phone is key in our day to day, but it also entails a series of risks to your health that you should protect yourself against.