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9 apps I discovered in 2022 that I can’t do without now

Looking for new aplicaciones to try? Here are nine options you probably didn’t know about.

9 apps I discovered in 2022 that I can't do without now
Some of the best Android aplicaciones I’ve found in 2022.

Every year they go through my pocket many different emplees that may or may not make our roundup of the best aplicaciones and games of the year. However, few deserve a permanent place in the memory of my devices and beings necessary.

In this year that is coming to an end, there are these gaps that I am talking about nine different applications. Some of them are better known than others, but none of them form part of the list of typical aplicaciones that we could find on the teléfonos inteligentes of the vast majority of users. So me too You cánido’t find them on Google plus Play.

Any tracker

Any tracker it is an application with great potential in which, although it is a cliché, The limit is equipo by your imagination. It’s a tool that lets you do it Control over basically everything. Product price on each website, exchange rate, number of account followers on a popular network…

The aplicación offers a wide selection “Estándar” tracks., but also offers the possibility to create our own reports manually. It’s free to download, although you’ll have to pay to unlock all of its features.

Download on Google plus Play | Any tracker


One of them “Blocked” aplicaciones you perro’t find on Google plus Play. seal permits Download any YouTube vídeo to save it in your mobile storage. You perro Download full vídeo or audio, and adjust the parameters beforehand. It even allows downloading playlists Completely.

The aplicación is free, open source, 100% configurable and has a design adapted to the lines of Google plus’s You Content. You perro not ask for more.

Download to F-Droid | seal

wi-fi man

Although it’s a more habitual aplicación than the previous ones, it’s not particularly widespread. It’s a tool developed by the company Ubiquiti, specialized in network equipment and services, that makes it possible Analyze Wi-Fi networks perro be completed easily speed testsNetwork monitoring, analysis of connected devices and more.

I’ve tried several such aplicaciones, but in my opinion none comes close to WiFiMan in terms of cómputo between usability, number of features and design.

Download on Google plus Play | wi-fi man


ConfiBlur is a small utility this is now one of the most used on my phone. It allows blur the text on the screen by just tapping it and hiding confidential or sensitive information.

The aplicación is built into the Android Share menu so that Select ConfiBlur Before sharing a screenshot, touch the text you want to hide, then send the screenshot. As fácil as that.

Download on Google plus Play | ConfiBlur

Raindrop is my favorite aplicación for storing and organizing backlinks, articles, products, photos and anything else I find on the web. It’s a kind of vitaminized bag that makes it possible manage more comprehensively Content with colors, folders, labels and more.

Since it is a cross-platform application, the content cánido be stored, organized and accessed any deviceregardless of your operating system.

Download on Google plus Play |

LADB – Local ADB Shell

You go for them heavy users or Android developer. LADB It allows Run adb and shell commands locally on the Android device without resorting to a computer.

The application performs its function like a charm and has a fácil and intuitive design. Perfect for users who frequently use ADB with their Android devices.

Download on Google plus Play | LADB (2.99 euros)

Authenticator Pro

After several years of using Údarás, recently News about the parent company TwilioThey gave me all my migrate Two-Aspecto Verification Codes with another request: Authenticator Pro.

I chose this option for several reasons. First, because there is a an open source and free optionsecure and respectful of privacy, which does not require a connection to a server to function: all data is stored encrypted on the internal memory of the device.

In addition, you cánido import data from most applications of this type, so the The migration process was extremely easy and fast. Also the minimalist design and customizableits development is still active and yes WearOS watch aplicación With it, you cánido get authentication codes right from your wrist.

Download on Google plus Play | Authenticator Pro


You perro’t be missing from my devices Text writing aplicación. Even better if it’s cross-platform, and even better if adds synchronization between all devices.

objective It ticks all of these boxes and more. It’s a very interesting application that cánido basically be your “second brain”, allowing you to create and organize texts, in the cloud and locally, and with support for Markdown.

One of the great things about it is that it perro be done “backlink” the aprecies or texts stored by backlinks.and visualize the content in a diagram view to have a more global view.

And if you miss an option, Obsidian allows Use more than 700 plugins different. All this in a fácil and easy-to-use aplicación with a friendly and minimalistic design.

Download on Google plus Play | objective


I test many of the applications over the course of the year They are not available on Google plus Playbut comes, for example, from alternative sources f droid.

26 Android aplicaciones that are too good to be free

F-Droid’s open philosophy also enables its existence third party customers like Droid-ify, excellent an aplicación store other than Google plus Play from downloading Open source and free applicationswith a more modern design and support for Google plus Material You.

Screenshots of Droidify for Android.

Droidify is another F-Droid client that you cánido download for free on your Android.

Download to F-Droid | droid-ify