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7 Telegram channels you have to follow to find Black Friday deals

Save yourself some euros on Black Friday by taking advantage of the best offer channels on Telegram.

Did you want to save a little on this Black Friday? Then join the best mobile deals channels on Telegram. After you do, you will know where, how and when to buy a good smartphone to close the year. Without a doubt, it is the best thing you can do if you wanted to end 2020 with a new mobile. For this very reason, today we will introduce you 7 Telegram channels you have to follow to find Black Friday deals.

There are many Telegram channels with juicy offers that you can join to receive constant information. Join everyone you consider necessary and get the best bargains this Black Friday.

Black Friday Telegram channels

To join, the only thing you have to do go to the channel link and then click the “Join” button when the channel opens in the Telegram application. It couldn’t be easier!

7 Telegram Channels You Should To Hunt Deals On Black Friday

  • Bargains by Andro4All
  • Bargains
  • Chollometer
  • Best of Aliexpress
  • Purchasediction
  • Bargain blog

Bargains by Andro4All

bargains andro4all

It is impossible to talk about channels of offers on Telegram without mentioning that of Andro4All. Why? Because we are specialists in finding the best bargains focused on mobile telephony and technology. In addition, we ship to all parts of the world.

Yes you want it change mobile on this Black Friday, first take a good look at our Telegram group.



This channel of bargains has 250 thousand members and offers of all kinds. Leaving aside the universe of smartphones, in this channel you will find products of all kinds. Without a doubt, it is a channel that you should follow to make the most of this Black Friday 2020.



If you want to hunt good bargains on Black Friday 2020, you must join the Chollometro channel from Telegram. Without exaggeration, it is one of the most important channels of offers at the moment. It has a large community and you will constantly find a lot of offers that fit both your tastes and your budget.

Best of AliExpress

best of aliexpress

East Telegram channel is dedicated to AliExpress bargains. Did you want to import something from China or do you just want something from this online store? Well, when you join this Telegram group, you will find the best offers in the vastness of this platform. As you must be imagining, it could be that ally you needed to get good bargains on AlieExpress.


wow what bargains

WOW QUÉ CHOLLOS is the channel you should follow if you are interested in hunting deals on Amazon EU. It is a community with more than 17,000 members and a site where you will find sneaker bargains on Telegram, smartphone deals and more. So far they have published more than 65,000 links!


purchase addiction

Compradicción is a Telegram channel where you will find the best offers, discounts, sales and bargains of products in Amazon Spain. Join and surely you will get a bargain made for you.

Bargain blog

bargain blog

The Chollos Blog Telegram channel could not be missing from this list either. Why? Because we are talking about channel of the original bargain blog and N ° 1 in Spain. If you wanted to do a good search for deals for this Black Friday 2020, then join as soon as possible.

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