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5 questions and answers about Call of Duty: Mobile

is the smartphone edition of one of the most popular video game sagas of recent years. A few weeks ago we talked about 3 keys that you should know, but there is still much to talk about.

If you have questions about the mobile version of the popular action and shooting game, we bring you an interview published on Activision blog. These are 5 of the most interesting questions, and the answers of the heads of .

This is everything you need to know about Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of duty

What are the goals and objectives of the beta?

Balance and stability are incredibly important to us and to our players. Our goal with the beta is to verify that all features, systems, technology and settings behave as expected. when players participate in live service. We will go over the most important elements and continue polishing until they are just the way we want them.

Currently the only territories that have had access to the beta are India and Australia. When will other players receive Call of Duty®: Mobile?

We started in these regions because they fit our initial goals for this first beta implementation phase. As the beta continues, more countries and audiences will be added to the mix. We will use the feedback from our first beta to inform when and where the next beta will be available. Stay tuned!

Are there concrete challenges in the development of this game due to the fact that it is for mobile devices?

Call of Duty®: Mobile has many ways to get involved and great content, we have put a lot of passion and commitment to achieve the best gaming experience we can. Controls are intuitive for both veteran gamers and new mobile gamers, and all important actions can be performed in Call of Duty®: Mobile. No compromises; We’re making this game with the goal of delivering the signature Call of Duty feel on mobile devices, and we’ve started from scratch to get there.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the game offers an optimized experience on all devices.. This helps ensure that the latest and most powerful phones can watch the game with stunning graphics, while older devices can still play without significant degradation in quality and appearance.

How does this game fit into the Call of Duty universe?

Call of Duty®: Mobile is a standalone experience that, for the first time, brings together elements of Call of Duty, including Black Ops and Modern Warfare, into one epic game. For example, it’s incredibly fun to pick Soap as a character (from the Call of Duty® Modern Warfare franchise) and place him on the Standoff map. [de Call of Duty®: Black Ops III]. The choice of characters and maps from the Call of Duty story creates a truly rewarding and novel experience.

Lastly, what are the most interesting aspects of the game that you would like players to know about?

Too many to count! Playing iconic Call of Duty multiplayer maps and modes is always super fun. But I think my favorite aspect of the game at the moment is how the weapons feel throughout the game, and there are some exclusive weapons that Call of Duty fans will recognize as well. There is only one mode in the game for now, but there are others that we will talk about soon that are also wonderful.