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5 aspects that you should not forget when buying a mobile


We usually buy a mobile for its camera, its battery and its price. For example, we search phones with the best camerathe phones with better autonomy either simply the cheapest mobiles. However, there are also many other aspects that we should take into account when buying a mobile device.

For example when we are players, we are interested in a specific profile. In this case, we will look for phones with a high refresh rate on the screen, with a large battery, Ram and the latest processor in the range. However, for our elders we still look for mid-range mobiles that can work for them on a day-to-day basis.

5 aspects that you should not forget when buying a mobile

Various mobiles from the rear / Image: Christian Collado

Therefore, we will make a detailed list of Things to consider when buying a mobile. If we take these aspects into account, we will not fail when it comes to finding a perfect mobile that fits our needs.

NFC, the great ally when making payments

Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite

Cell phones that are not flagships already have built-in NFC

Today it is rare that we have a mobile without NFC. NFC is very useful and has helped make our lives simpler. We have spent some time explaining what NFC is and what it is used for, as well as alternative uses it can have in our daily lives. Could we imagine a world in which we do not pay without the mobile? NFC began as a technology derived for the flagships of the time. Over time, it has been included in mobile phones of different ranges, so it is common to find different devices that use this technology.

We must therefore take this technology into account when buying our mobile. Thanks to NFC we can use the mobile as an electronic ID reader, pay by card, open the car and so on. If we see that we are going to need any of these functions, we should choose to buy a mobile that includes NFC.

Let’s not neglect the brain of our terminal. the processor

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

A good processor is synonymous with years for your terminal

The processor is another important component to take into account when buying a terminal. A good processor can be the difference between a good and bad purchase. The best known processors are the best weapon we can use when it comes to having a mobile.

For example, a Qualcomm processor usually has great backing by the community, so you will have more updates and roms even after the shelf life period.

On the other hand, a good processor is usually more efficient, so It will help save battery on our mobile phones. Therefore, if we are looking for a new mobile, we should take a good look at whether the processor has good support from the community, to ensure that we will have the terminal in the long term.

A good fingerprint reader saves us headaches

realme GT 2 fingerprint reader

Screen sensors are getting better and better / Photography by David Freire.

Sometimes we get angry saying… why doesn’t the phone recognize my fingerprint? we need sometimes try to unlock our phone several times by the reader. At other times, we simply lose patience because of the slowness.

Although it is true that at the time we mentioned that a fingerprint reader was not needed, fingerprint readers on the screen are the order of the day and have evolved quite well. Having a physical fingerprint reader now looks archaic but it is usually more effective than having a fingerprint reader on the screen.

However, there are mobiles that have done a great job in their fingerprint readers. Finally, thanks to the readers we can unlock our terminal or access applications quickly. We can even link the fingerprint of several fingers or someone we know so that at any time you can use our terminals freely.

A good fingerprint reader can be synonymous with having a good terminal in our hands, so having it, in my opinion, has more advantages than disadvantages.

Looking for a suitable sound

5 aspects that you should not forget when buying a mobile

A good sound will improve the visualization of content / Image: Christian Collado

The stereo speakers They are usually a plus that provides an improvement with respect to sound quality. We must not only stick to a mobile has the sound loud. Good stereo speakers on our mobile do not distort the maximum sound as much as worse quality ones will.

Stereo speakers help when viewing content. We will be able to better perceive the sounds of our favorite series as well as have an improved experience when playing.

some brands, have allied with companies like Harman Kardon to offer an improvement of the sound quality in the terminals. As an example, we have the xiaomi mi 11a phone which we already did a complete review.

Ultimately, yes we have a good budgetit is a good idea to opt for stereo speakers on our phone.

Resolution does matter

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in hand

It is important to choose a terminal with a good screen / Image: Christian Collado

The mobiles continue to grow in 2022. The screens of our terminals are getting bigger and bigger and the content we want to view is getting better quality. So as screens get bigger, they get better. For example, technologies such as the refresh rate help when viewing content.

On the other hand, resolution, as terminals grow, is important. The larger the screen, the higher the resolution we should have in our terminal This would mean a higher number of pixels per inch or ppi and, ultimately, greater clarity to display the content. Always taking care of the battery, it is important to take into account the resolution of the screen of the terminal that we want to buy.

It is interesting to have some aspects like these when buying a mobile. And you, do you think that the NFC, the resolution or the sound matter?

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