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5 apps to manage time and be more productive

These aplicaciones are highly recommended for you to make the most of your time during work hours.

5 apps to manage time and be more productive
The way you organize your working hours determines your productivity.

If there is something absolutely valuable in your work or activity, then it is time. By learning how to use it, you cánido be more productive. It is no longer about working more and better, but we will have the perfect cómputo between working hours and free time. This time management aplicación recommendation is essential for anyone who works in front of a computer, is a digital native, or has a pocket to hand.

5 aplicaciones to manage your work time well

Focus Booster

This application is based on the Pomodoro technique, thanks to which you work productively 25 minutes with short breaks in between. Once you’ve unlocked a job, you’re entitled to a longer break. But in addition to learning time management, Focus Booster offers a number of other very useful productivity tasks such as: B. to know how you spend your time or a list of completed and pending tasks. It is available in both a web version and for devices window either Mac.


We have talked to you about Trello on a few occasions, it allows you to organize all your tasks through a a list of cards you prioritize. It allows creating lists and putting people on those cards if they work together. You cánido apply expiry or expire times to the cards so you know what to do with a much higher priority. It should be noted that Trello is not an application that allows you to stay focused, but tells you what you urgently need to do at a given moment. There are many options and it is completely free.

Think of the milk

A strange name for it totally free tool. It’s their mission Send a reminder of things to do. You’d think your mobile device already has fins for it. What the application does goes a little further, especially because of the way it does it. Also, it integrates with Google plus Calendar, which I already know how to do all these tricks from, and it cánido send you Skype notifications. It’s worth trying, especially since it’s a very friendly application.

This productivity aplicación lets you literally erara your pending tasks (and it’s free, too).

in no time

The purpose of this tool is to allocate time to each task or project. After that, the application analyzes how you invested that time and tells you if your productivity has reached the expected level. In his favor he has the truth a very fácil tool with a very clean interfaz. It is interesting to try, especially when you see that the time you spend on a task is higher than you would like. It is available for both devices iOS What Android.

Jiffy game

Jiffy cánido help you with your daily tasks.

one tab

It is an extension for the Google chrome browser. You will know that the problem of opening many tabs is that most of the time we cannot find the information easily and if we do we will do another task such as surfing the web . This extension allows you to group all open tabs into one, so that they appear in list form. Not only does it help you save time, but your team emplees fewer resources, up to 95% according to the developer. You perro Download onetab in Russian and start surfing much better.

OneTab extension

One Tab for Google chrome avoids the risk of having many tabs open.

How to manage time more productively without aplicaciones

Quite simply, if you’re sitting in front of the computer, you have to Keep closed popular networks and all kinds of ads that might catch your attention. Forget a little trip to YouTube to watch a vídeo or quickly check Twitter. A five-minute break turns into over half an hour.

When you’ve finished a hard work session in front of your computer and need a break, there is nothing better than getting up from the chair and doing a completely different activity, but has nothing to do with your computer or mobile phone. We run the risk of getting lost when there are too many distractions.