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4 years after Android, Apple could remove the notch from the iPhone

Apple would be considering removing the notch from the iPhone, but it would be necessary to resolve some doubts such as what would happen to Face ID and where the front camera would be housed.

Apple has always been characterized by setting trends with its devices, especially with the iPhone and in do not get carried away by certain currents until they decide to do so themselves. This is what happened with terminals with large screens and this is what will happen with the notch, since everything seems to indicate that this notch is going to disappear in future iPhone 13s.

Soon we will see the first iPhone without notch

And in 2021… .Apple could remove the notch on the iPhone 13

As Gizchina’s companions tell us, echoing a report published by the Chinese media News My Drivers, the American manufacturer Apple is studying the possibility that the iPhone 13 dispenses with the notch on its front.

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From launch of the iPhone X in 2017, Apple removed the classic front home button that worked as a fingerprint reader to replace it with a notch or notch at the top of the screen, where the front camera and all the sensors necessary for its facial unlocking technology to work, called Face ID.

The main reason why the American brand decided to incorporate the notch in the iPhone was to increase the screen ratio of your mobile devices as much as possible and thus make the most of the front of the device.

The design of terminals with notch was highly criticized among users with Android terminals, which is why the manufacturers of these devices have been supporting, for about 4 years, other alternatives such as the drop-type notch or, more recently, the hole in the screen.

Thus, according to the media consulted, Apple would be testing a prototype of the iPhone 13 without a notch and if the tests are satisfactory it is very likely that both the iPhone 13 and the following generations do not use this notch on your front.

One of the reasons for abandoning this notch could be that in the current situation, in which we all must wear a mask it would not make much sense that the new Apple terminal had Face ID, since this technology does not work if we wear the mask.

If the iPhone 13 does not have a notch, we have several questions: what type of biometric unlocking would it have? Where would the front camera be housed?

According to the sources consulted, in the event that the iPhone 13 arrives without a notch on its front, it is most likely that Apple will decide to integrate an on-screen fingerprint sensor to replace Face ID, since it is the most suitable and most polished technology to date for biometric unlocking.

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However, a question that is more complex to answer is where the front camera will be housed in the iPhone 13, since there are still no indications that it is working or in an under-screen camera or a drop-in or hole-in-panel notch design.