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4 little-known launchers for Android worth trying

By now we all know and have tasted third-party launchers like Nova, Lawnchair or Action Launcher. However, over the years some developers around the world have created new launchers alternatives to the best known, in some cases offering functions never seen before in applications of this type.

If you have been tired of the appearance of your mobile home screen for a long time, and you want to give it a change of scenery, the first thing you should do is take a tour of our weekly wallpaper, and then try one of the little known launchers which we review below.

Pear Launcher

Pear Launcher

If you are looking for a Lightweight launcher, with the “stock” Android look and feel and endless customization features, you should probably give a chance to Pear Launcher.

Among its features it offers the possibility of create folders in app drawer as well as to select the style of this one between three types: vertical, paginated or by sections. It also includes customization features that are not present in popular launchers like Nova, such as the ability to apply blur effect to elements.

Includes gesture control, possibility to create and restore backups with your favorite settings, and you can download totally free. However, a version that unlocks some additions such as the possibility of carrying out actions by shaking the mobile, or eliminating the limit of 10 apps maximum in the folders of the application drawer.

Kiss Launcher

Kiss Launcher

Kiss Launcher advocates a radically different format to other applications of this type. According to its creator, the goal is to offer an extremely simple experience, something that jumps out from the moment you see that the weight of the app is less than 250 KB.

The great asset of this application is its bet on the search. Instead of bringing all your apps and shortcuts to the home screen or an app drawer, a search bar which, among other things, allows find apps and contacts, dial phone numbers, search the web, or do calculations without opening the browser.

Like Pear Launcher, Kiss is a totally free app, although in this case we do not find version ; all functions are available in the same edition. In addition, it is a open source project.



Probably, the least known launcher of this selection. In the end, Ratio is not even available on Google Play – for now –. It is also a launcher backed by one of the most ambitious projects that we have seen so far in an app of this type.

Created by the company Blloc, Ratio is an ultra-minimal launcher that eliminates any distraction and only shows the really relevant information. Its interface is based on cards and submenus corresponding to categories, from which it is possible to access each application, conversation or . Among other things, it has a “black and white” mode that can be replaced at any time by the “solar mode”.

The app still under development, although it is possible sign up on the Blloc website to get a copy of the application and test the launcher on one of the supported devices.

Niagara Launcher

Even though it is somewhat more popular than the previous ones –in we have already selected it as one of the best Android launchers–, it is always good to remember that there is life beyond the classic launchers, and that Niagara Launcher is a fantastic option for those looking for something different.

Its main virtue is its format, since displays all installed apps in a vertical list on the home screen, thus facilitating access to any app. In addition, it allows you to interact with notifications directly from the home screen and, despite its format, it is a fairly customizable application.

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