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4 basic steps to keep your WhatsApp safe

Last updated on 12/11/2018 at 09:01

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging applications in the world.

To maintain its large user base, the app is regularly updated with new content, such as playing voice memos consecutively.

There are also tricks with which users can improve their experience, such as the one that allows write text with bubbles or these 4 basic steps to keep your WhatsApp safe.

Sometimes users like not to be disturbed at certain times with messages on WhatsApp, either because they are working or simply because they do not want to look at their smartphone at all times.

For keep your WhatsApp safe, or to be invisible, there are 4 small steps that you must follow and that we explain below.

Eliminate the double blue check

WhatsApp, tricks to keep your profile safe

A good option to keep your WhatsApp safe is remove the double blue check, an action that will prevent your contacts from knowing whether or not you have read a message.

Sometimes people get upset if they see that you have read a message and you do not reply, even if it was for a good reason.

To eliminate these situations you can deactivate the double blue check, although with it You will also not be able to know if your contact reads your messages.

You just have to go to , Y .

Delete the last connection

Disable last connection time in WhatsApp

With this action you will achieve that your contacts cannot see your last connection time, although, as previously, you will not be able to see his either.

If you want nobody to see when was the last time you connected to WhatsApp, and also avoid some other discussion, you can always delete the connection time.

The steps to follow are simple. First you must enter the application menu and then go to , , ,

Turn and press .

Hide conversations

Hide conversations on WhatsApp

If you are one of those who do not like to have their cell phone taken and look at their things, or you just want them not to read a certain private conversation, you can always hide it.

A simple process that will allow you keep a conversation out of the sight of others without having to delete it.

To hide conversations on Android you just have to open WhatsApp and press for a few seconds in said conversation.

At that moment a menu will appear, in which you will have to click on the icon that looks like a mailbox with a down arrow.

Once done, the conversation will disappear from your timeline. To see that hidden conversation again, you just have to scroll down the screen until you see .

If you want to put it back in the main menu, you have to carry out the same steps you did to hide it.

The profile picture, visible only to contacts

WhatsApp, tricks to keep your profile invisible

The last step you must take to keep your WhatsApp safe is to make your profile picture is only visible to your contacts, so if a number that you do not have saved in your agenda, it sends you a message You will not be able to see the photo that you have placed in your user profile.

To do this you must open the WhatsApp settings menu and go to , , and click on .

There is also the possibility that no one can see your profile picture. Some steps that will make you invisible in the famous messaging application and that will keep you safe.