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38 years of Nokia mobile evolution in a single video

Do you want to remember all Nokia mobile devices?

Although today firms such as Samsung, Huawei, Apple or Xiaomi lead the top of the most important mobile phone brands in the world, there was a time when one firm dominated the market with virtually no rival.

We have to look back years, years in which Android still did not exist, much less smartphones. A time when mobile devices were primarily used for calling and texting.

This is Nokia, a company with a track record that many other current firms would like. Would you like to remember its most historical models? This video does.

38 years of Nokia mobiles in a video

I wish Nokia would go back to being the Nokia of yesteryear

Nokia is one of those companies that, like Motorola, are part of the history of mobile telephony. Founded in 1865 in Sweden, obviously its initial object had nothing to do with mobile devices but to paper production.

The first Nokia device was created in 1982 and was called the Mobira Senator. Obviously this terminal has nothing to do with what currently exists and is that as a laptop it had rather little weighing almost 10 kilograms.

While Nokia was the undisputed leader, his erroneous alliance with Microsoft's mobile operating system instead of choosing Android led him to ostracism. The Nokia Lumia were spectacular smartphones with a photographic section that left speechless but users chose both Android and iOS and Windows Phone ended up closing.

Today Nokia has launched several smartphones under the tutelage of Android with the intention of recovering lost ground but the truth is that the competition is really fierce. It must not only compete against large brands such as Samsung, Huawei or Apple but also against firms that dominate the low / mid-range market such as Xiaomi, realme or OPPO.

Is there room in 2021 for Nokia? Unfortunately, and like other historical ones like HTC or Sony, it seems that it is very complicated.