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2 settings that you should change in Android to improve notifications

With these simple settings, you will be able to snooze notifications and hide the icons of the apps whose notices you are not interested in. We explain how.

Each new version of Android tries to improve on the previous one with the integration of innovative functions and improvements to existing bugs. So it is with Android 11, in which we find very interesting tools related to notifications.

Although some of the best news in Android 11 will not reach all mobile phones, the two adjustments that are featured in this article will. In the following lines we explain what those two are functions that you must activate on your Android to improve notifications notably.

On the one hand we have the option of hide app icons whose notifications you have muted. In this way, you will avoid any information from those applications in the notification panel, even the presence of their icon. On the other hand, you have the possibility of snooze a notification for a few minutes, so that it alerts you again when you can pay attention to it.

Next, we delve into the operation of these settings and tell you how to enable them step by step. Are you ready to improve your Android notifications? Go for it.

This is what the renewed notification panel looks like in Android 11.

Hide app icons with muted notifications

In Android there are silent notifications, ideal for apps for which you want to know the warnings without them sounding or vibrating. Thus, even if you do not receive an audible alarm when the notification arrives, you can see it when you slide down the notification panel. This is a very useful function for those apps whose warnings They are not urgent, but they still interest you.

Thanks to an improvement introduced in Android 11, you can even hide the icons of those muted apps so that do not appear in the status bar at the top of the screen. In this way, you will not see the icons, but you will see the notifications when you display the notification panel. This will make it easier for you to be distracted even less, since you will not see the app icon and you will not know that you have received an app notification of it.

One of the most useful functions of Android 11, on any mobile with this app

To hide the icons for apps with silent notifications in the status bar, follow these steps:

  1. Open section “Settings” on your Android mobile.
  2. Go into “Settings and notifications”.
  3. Click on the section “Notifications”.
  4. Enable the option “Do not show silent notifications in the status bar”.
Hide silent notifications on Android

Activate this function to hide the icons of the muted apps.

Snooze notifications to come back later

The second setting that we recommend activating to improve notifications on your Android is related to postponing notifications so that they appear again later. If we look back, we can remember that this is one of the best features introduced in Android 8 Oreo, and so we affirm in our analysis of the version.

Google disabled this option in Android 10 by default, and now we welcome you back in Android 11. In order to postpone notifications for as long as you chooseYou just have to activate the option “Allow notifications to be postponed”. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open section “Settings” on your Android mobile.
  2. Go into “Settings and notifications”.
  3. Click on the section “Notifications”.
  4. Enable the function “Allow notifications to be postponed”.
Snooze notifications on Android

Snooze notifications so they’ll reappear in a few minutes.

From now on, when you receive a notification that you want to snooze, tap on it and briefly swipe to the side. This is how the repeat icon, represented by a clock, in which you must click so that the notification reappears in an hour.

If you want to modify that predetermined time, click on the date down that appears next to “Postponed for 1 hour” and choose if you want to postpone it for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 2 hours.

In short, these two settings are very simple changes for notifications on your Android, but they can significantly improve your experience with something as important as notifications. We recommend you try these functions to find out if they are to your liking or if you prefer to return to the original status of your mobile notifications. If you have not yet updated your mobile to the new version of Android, you can check if your mobile is compatible with Android 11.

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