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18 mobiles that (probably) will receive Android 10 Q throughout 2019

We have not the remotest idea of ​​the name chosen by Google to baptize this version. And it is likely that we are not aware of many of the news that the final edition will include. However, We have been testing Android Q for some time, which is currently going through its second beta version, and we even have a pretty good idea of the devices to receive the update.

By analyzing the backgrounds and promises of most companies, it is possible to make a list with the brands' models that most likely, and unless last minute problems appear, van update to Android Q throughout 2019. So that's just what we've done.

Phones that will update to Android Q in 2019: the complete list

The arrival of the final version Android QAccording to the official update schedule, it is scheduled for the third quarter of 2019. If we stick to Google's plans regarding the release of previous versions, it is very likely that the update will be released throughout the month of August. Since sometime before then, Google's partner manufacturers already have the build final version of the new version, in order to be able to work in advance to adapt the operating system to their phones and release the update as soon as possible. But not all of them do.


Google Pixel 3, launcher

Logically, Google devices will be the first to receive the new version of the system. The surprise this year, however, is that All three generations of the Pixel family will be updated to Android Q, including the original Pixels from 2016 that, in theory, would have reached the end of their support period in October 2018. Therefore, the list looks like this:


Android 9 On the Essential Phone

The mobile of the creator of Android was not much less a success. However, the startup Led by Andy Rubin, it has been able, month after month, to demonstrate to other manufacturers how support should work in terms of updates and security patches within the Android universe. In fact, the company has the honor of being the first brand to update a device on the same day that the new version is presented – not counting Google, of course. In addition, the terminal has assured its update to Android Q for several months.


Nokia 9 PureView

Nokia is another of the firms most committed to progress in Android, and since its re-entry into the mobile market, it has not ceased to surprise us through decisions such as updating all its mobiles to Android 9 Pie, including the most affordable models. Of all the phones in the Finnish brand's catalog, it is likely that they will see the update to Android Q before the end of the year:


Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, close-up of the screen

Samsung is not exactly famous for its speed when it comes to updating its phones to the latest version of the system. Even so, in recent years the company has worked to get rid of this bad reputation – justified -, increasingly reducing the time that users of its latest smartphones have to wait until they can try the latest news. Before 2019 ends –probably in December–, we can wait for the update to arrive on these phones:


Huawei P30 Pro, featured image

Huaweiis another of the firms that has worked hard to be among the brands that update their devices the fastest. At least the top-tier ones. You may still have a long way to go, but unless problems appear, It is likely that at least four of the phones in its catalog will receive Android Q before the end of the year:

As is evident, there are many more mobiles that will receive Android Q Throughout the next year 2020, and in this list we have only reflected those models that have already been presented, so terminals such as the future OnePlus 7, the Huawei Mate 30 or the Pixel 4 are not included, which will probably also update before end of the year. Be that as it may, we will update this article in case there are official confirmations from the companies about their intention to update some of their models to the next version of Android before December 31st.

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