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18 icon packs that you can download for free for a limited time

You have a few days to take advantage of Google plus Play’s offers and download these icon paquetes for free.

18 icon packs that you can download for free for a limited time
These icon paquetes are on sale on Google plus Play for a limited time!

Personalization is without a doubt the differentiator of Android from other mobile operating systems like iOS. This feature allows us change every aspect of our terminal’s interfaz to give it a more personal touch, and it’s one of the easiest ways to do that Changing the symbols of the applications we have installed.

In order to install an icon paquete on our Android phone, we must first have it Launcher that supports custom icons like the well-known Nova Launcher that just released its seventh version, Action Launcher, Microsoft Launcher or Green Chair Launcher.

Once we have decided on the icon paquete that we want to install, we must download it from the Google plus Play Store and Implement it by following a few fácil steps:

  • On the launcher home screen, we long press on an empty space on the desktop and We get access to its configuration.
  • We are looking for a section called “Appearance” or something afín and an option will appear in it Change the icon theme.
  • In this article we will see all the icon paquetes that we have installed in our terminal and we only have to choose one of them to implement it.
Here are the 21 best icon paquetes to install on your Android

In the Play Store we perro find a large number of free and paid icon paquetes that we have selected for you today 18 paid icon paquetes that you perro download for freeThis is for a limited time only.

Free icon paquetes for Android