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11 Pokémon wallpapers: Detective Pikachu for your mobile

Fans of the Pokémon universe are in luck: the day of the long-awaited premiere of the new movie inspired by this world full of pocket monsters has almost arrived: Detective Pikachu hits the big screen a year after the premiere of the video game with the same name, to fall in love with adorable and furry Pokémon, in a movie where Ryan Reynolds gives voice to. Pikachu himself,

Such a moment, of course, deserves a good collection of movie-inspired mobile wallpapers… and that’s exactly what we’ve done: choose a good handful of high quality images from the film – no spoilers – so you can use them as on your mobile.

Download these high quality wallpapers of Detective Pikachu for your mobile

As always, below we offer you a gallery with some of the selected images. However, in order to download the wallpapers in their highest possible resolution, you will have to access the Google Drive folder that we link below.

Download Detective Pikachu wallpapers

Bonus: create your Detective Pikachu backgrounds with your mobile camera

And if you want to go even further. Y create your own wallpapers set in the movie, all you need is Google’s new augmented reality app.

With it, you can take four of the Pokémon’s main characters from the film to the real world, and later capture an image that you can use as a wallpaper. Remember that, to be able to use it, you need a mobile compatible with Google’s ARCore platform.

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