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10 Xiaomi products that you can buy for less than 10 euros

You never thought that the Chinese firm could sell these curious products.

AliExpress has a huge catalog full of very different items. Xiaomi is one of the most versatile firms on the scene. It is not very difficult to realize that they are the perfect conjunction. We bring you a selection with 10 of the most curious products sold by Xiaomi on AliExpress. All of them cost less than 10 euros, you have no excuse not to take a look at them.

The most curious items from Xiaomi are on AliExpress

Pens, a bluetooth thermometer, night lights, comfortable slippers to be at home and even manicure kits. Because you didn't know that you needed one of these Xiaomi products.

Knife sharpener

Many have thrown themselves into the kitchen during the quarantine months and it never hurts to have this type of utensil. Additionally, a poorly sharpened knife can slip, miss, and even be dangerous..

Colored pens

The best colors are at your fingertips with these pens. There are green, yellow, blue, pink, purple and even red, one of the colors preferred by the general population, also by bulls. Even you can buy ink refills to reuse them and contribute to create a better world.

Manicure kit

Inside this small metal case we find nail clippers, scissors, a file and everything you might need to find fingerprint perfection. It costs less than 10 euros.

Nail clipper

If you don't need a whole kit, if you are looking for only the basics, the Xiaomi nail clipper is your product. Not much to say, it's a nail clipper. Oh, and it costs less than 2 euros.

Night light

You will never leave the little finger of your foot against the foot of the bed. Thanks to this light, that it will activate when it detects motion, you can move around in the dark without risk of unexpected shocks.

House slippers

The simple Xiaomi sneakers are available in a wide variety of colors. They arrive with a minimalist design and great resistance, you can mistreat them for a long time.

Nose trimmer

Lightweight, easy to use and battery powered. There is not much else, we are talking about a hair trimmer that will make you feel like a senior citizen every time you use it. This does not mean that it is no longer necessary …

Lint remover

This little gadget it will eliminate the annoying lint that remains stuck to the clothes. You will only have to pass it over the garments and it will cut and suck up any foreign particles.

Bluetooth thermometer

The small and minimalist Xiaomi thermometer will look great in any corner. Pair it via bluetooth to any of your devices and know at all times the temperature of your home.

Mini bag sealer

Available in two colors, we are talking about a small device that will heat seal those bags of food that have been left half. Conserve your food and never waste anything again.

Xiaomi does not say no to anything

As you can see, there is no product that the Chinese firm cannot sell. Because not everything was going to be smartphones and smart bracelets. For less than 10 euros, any of these examples can be a good buy.

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